1 ton 461 kilograms of drugs and 5 million drug pills were seized in Edirne this year

Edirne governor Kursat Kirbiyikreported that 1 ton 461 kilograms of drugs and 5 million drug pills were seized this year across the border gates and the province.

Governor Kırbıyık, who attended the ceremony where the forces were successful in drug and smuggling operations at the Kapıkule Border Gate, congratulated the police, gendarmerie and customs guard teams who made large amounts of arrests.

Stating that combating drug and smuggling crimes is their main priority and goal, as in all crimes, Kırbıyık said, “In this direction, we continue a relentless struggle by our units under the coordination of our governorship.” said.

Governor Kırbıyık emphasized that the law enforcement forces carried out successful operations at the border gates and throughout the province in a coordinated manner.

Pointing out that large quantities of drugs were seized during the year, Kırbıyık gave the following information:

“When we look at the total figures of 2022, so far 313 kilograms of 878 grams of skunk, 863 kilograms of 428 grams of cannabis, 132 kilograms of 137 grams of heroin, 71 kilograms of 902 grams of cocaine, 64 kilograms of 540 grams of methamphetamine, 1 million 641 thousand 105 root cannabis, 3 million 312 thousand 972 ecstasy and captagon pills, 2 kilos 242 grams of synthetic cannobinoids, 1058 synthetic drugs and 13 kilograms of opium gum were seized. When we look at the total amount seized, 1 ton 461 kilograms of narcotic drugs and nearly 5 million ecstasy and captagon pills were seized. When we look at the total value of the seizures, we see that it is 980 million liras.”

Kırbıyık stated that in the fight against smuggling, customs smuggled electronic cigarettes, tobacco products, various auto spare parts, medical drugs, mobile phones, electronic goods and a large amount of smuggled goods with a market value of 367 million 863 thousand liras were seized.

“There are 3 main topics in the fight against drug crimes”

Governor Kırbıyık stated that the police, gendarmerie and customs guard teams continue their efforts to prevent crimes and to catch the perpetrators, if crimes have been committed, by using all kinds of technical means on a 24/7 basis.

Kırbıyık stated that there are 3 main headings in the fight against drug crimes and said:

“One of them is the fight against supply, the reduction of supply. Preventing drugs from poisoning our youth and our nation. Secondly, narrowing the demand, conducting awareness studies on this issue, raising the level of consciousness. In this context, the ‘Best Best Narcotics Police Mother ‘application is spreading widely. Within the framework of the UYUMA application, our citizens can report any drug crime they witness or see to our police units through the application. The third important topic is rehabilitation. It is an extremely important topic that our young people who have been infected with drugs on one occasion are treated and reintegrated into society.

Governor Kırbıyık later handed over his documents to the forces, who were successful in drug and smuggling operations.

Deputy governors Zafer Karamehmetoğlu and Sıdkı Zehin, Provincial Police Chief Mustafa Alçalar, Provincial Police Gendarme Acting Commander Colonel Naim Tavlı, Thrace Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Director Nihat Kınık also attended.

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