10 January Working Journalists Day messages

Chairman of the Men’s Equal Opportunity Commission and AK Party Edirne Deputy Fatma AksalJanuary 10 Employee Journalists’ Day so he posted the message.

In his message, Aksal stated that providing accurate and impartial information to the public within the framework of the right to receive information is an indispensable element of democracy.

By strengthening democracy even more, with the efforts of all press members who do not compromise on professional principles and democratic values ​​and fulfill their duties with sensitivity and dignity. TurkeyExpressing that they will carry Turkey to its goal of “Great and Strong Turkey”, Aksal said, “I would like to thank everyone who has worked in the media sector, from reporters to cameramen, editors, announcers and directors, and congratulate the Working Journalists’ Day on January 10. Hereby, those who lost their lives in the line of duty. I wish God’s mercy to all press workers.” used the phrases.

Edirne Mayor Gürkan

Mayor of Edirne Recep Gurkan In his message, he stated that the press, which derives its power from public support and ensures the use of the people’s right to receive information, is one of the basic elements of democracy as it is an important and effective control organ.

Stating that journalists, who are the eyes, ears and language of the society, continue to serve the public with a superior effort despite the wearing and difficult conditions, Gürkan said:

“There is no doubt that in today’s world, where the use of instant communication and information sharing networks in social media, which has become an indispensable element of our lives thanks to visual and written media, as well as mobile communication tools, is increasing, the responsibility of journalists is more than ever, especially in informing the public accurately and on time.

There is no doubt that press labor is one of the most difficult but respectable professions. At this point, the working conditions that force the members of the press, who act with the understanding of responsible journalism day and night, should be improved as soon as possible.

AK Party Edirne Provincial President İba

AK Party Edirne Provincial President Belgin Iba also stated that press members who are sensitive to the realities of Turkey and Edirne and national values, and who practice their profession day and night, under difficult conditions, are always ready for duty due to the nature of their work.

Expressing that the objective, accurate and sensitive journalism of journalists, who work tirelessly despite difficulties and difficulties, adds a sacredness to their profession, Iba said:

“Our local press, which has a special place in our hearts, serves as a bridge between our citizens and the state by sharing the developments, activities and works in our city with our fellow citizens. Press members have an important role in strengthening democracy, preserving unity and solidarity, and providing an environment of peace and trust. Transferring correct information. Members of the press, who selflessly perform their duties by observing the principle of protecting the interests of citizens and citizens, have the characteristic of being the voice and conscience of the citizens.

Noting that the press is the voice of a nation, Iba continued:

“I would like to thank our devoted journalists who worked with great effort for their contribution to our Edirne, and congratulate the 10 January Working Journalists’ Day of all our journalists, from reporters, page editors, writers and printing presses working in the media, especially the representatives of our national and local press operating in our city. I congratulate you with my most sincere feelings and wish you a healthy, happy and successful year. I also commemorate the press employees who have lost their lives while performing their duties, with mercy.”

MHP Provincial President Tercan

MHP Edirne Provincial Chairman Zakir Tercan also stated in his message that the press is the eyes, ears and voice of a province, a country.

Stating that the press, which is one of the cornerstones of democracy, is the most effective tool for freedom of thought, expression and information, Tercan said, “With its illuminating and guiding function, the press nurtures the dynamism of civil society and plays an important role in the healthy functioning and strengthening of democracy. We are aware that members of the press, who have the voice and ears of the people, are working under harsh conditions.” used the phrases.

Felicity Party Provincial Chairman Tekin

Provincial Chairman of the Felicity Party Sinan Tekin In his message, he stated that the press plays an important role in ensuring that politicians can be audited.

Expressing that one of the indispensable elements of an independent country is a free, independent and principled press, Tekin said, “It is unacceptable that the press organizations and their members are exposed to censorship, oppression, violence and unfair treatment in some cases. The press sector should not be exposed to such intimidation policies. Press staff will refrain from freely expressing their thoughts, and it will not be possible for the public to reach accurate and principled news. made statements.

– Message from the President of the Association Güner

Edirne 15 July Democratic Youth Association President Veysel Güner has issued a congratulatory message on the occasion of January 10, Working Journalists’ Day.

Güner stated that the press is the most effective tool for the freedom to receive and disseminate news, making publications for individuals, institutions and social strata, taking into account the public interest.

“As a matter of fact, the role of our press in the treacherous coup attempt of July 15, has shown that it is one of the most important guarantees of democratic societies. On July 15, 2016, we all saw that the press is at the point of protecting the unity and integrity of a country, thanks to the rapid and first-hand delivery of the right messages to the widest possible masses. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the press who contributed to the light of that dark night.”

Messages from representatives of professional organizations

Thrace Journalists Association (TGD) Chairman of the Board Orhan Dogan In his message, he stated that the personal rights of journalists should be improved and they should work in better conditions.

Stating that local newspapers are trying to continue their publishing life under difficult conditions, Doğan said, “Considering that we have entered a year in which the problems in local newspapers will be solved and the situations of our colleagues will be regulated according to the conditions of the day, I congratulate my colleagues on these meaningful days and wish them great success in their work. I wish our unemployed colleagues to return to their jobs as soon as possible. I also commemorate our journalist friends who have passed away to eternity with mercy.” made statements.

President of the Edirne Branch of the Local Press Association of Turkey (TYBB), Erdoğan Demir stated that the press’s ability to function as the voice of the society depends on the removal of the obstacles that restrict the freedom of the press.

Demir stated that improving the working and living conditions of journalists and securing their rights will enable them to carry out their duties in a comfortable environment.

President of the Southeast European Journalists Association Murat Savas He also stated that journalism is a profession that should be done freely and without pressure.

Savaş noted that it is necessary to fight for the creation of freer conditions.

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