1st generation iPhone sold at record price at auction!

US-based technology giant introduced the first solid in June 2007. The technology giant, at that time, for the first Generation 4GB $499also for 8GB $599 set the price. Introducing many different models since then, the company broke sales records all over the world. While the latest models attract great attention, the first ones also attract attention. The first generation model with an unopened box continues to be auctioned.

Sold for $63k

Karen Green first-generation, after new hire to a person named gifted. But Green, because he already has a new phone, put the device on the shelf without opening it. The , which has been forgotten on the shelf for years, will be sold at auction in the coming days.

The first generation has been sold at auction several times in previous years with a high price tag. In fact, another person sold the same product at auction for $39,339.60 last October. Because Greenfor the product of $50,000 was expected on the basis of the sales price, but the first generation , 63 thousand dollars, that is exactly. 1 million 188 thousand 588 Sold to Turkish Lira.

Karen Green, in an interview on the subject 2019 first generation 5,000 dollars for He explained that it was valued but not sold because he expects it to be valued more. Green, who is a cosmetic tattoo artist, stated that he made this sale to develop his business and that he could keep it for a while if he had the chance to wait.

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