20 AFAD volunteers from Trakya University were sent to the earthquake zone

working at Trakya University AFAD A team of 20 volunteers was sent to the cities affected by the earthquake to support the search and rescue efforts.

In the statement made by the university, it was stated that a team of 20 people prepared quickly after the earthquake.

In the statement, it was stated that the university personnel who completed their AFAD training and became “Support AFAD Volunteers” took action to support the teams and citizens working in the earthquake area:

KahramanmarasAfter the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Pazarcık district of Turkey and was felt in 10 provinces, the volunteer AFAD team within Trakya University moved to the region to participate in the ongoing search and rescue activities. A team of 20 people from Trakya University, including doctors, nurses and health workers, set out in the morning.

While AFAD volunteers at Trakya University took action to support the relief teams and citizens in the earthquake area, all students and employees were invited to donate blood to the Red Crescent. A Support Line was also created for all the demands and needs of the students affected by the earthquake.

Son Dika Current 20 AFAD volunteers from Trakya University were sent to the earthquake zone – Last Minute

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