233 volunteer personnel from Trakya University served in the earthquake zone

Kahramanmaras 233 voluntarily participated in search and rescue, health and support activities in cities affected by the earthquakes on February 6, University of Trakya (TÜ) personnel were given a certificate of appreciation.

Earthquake A ceremony was held at the Balkan Congress Center for the university staff who devotedly work in the region.

TU Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoglusaid that they see each and every personnel working in the cities affected by the earthquake as a “hero”.

Reminding that they started to work to support the region right after the earthquake, Rector Tabakoğlu stated that the search and rescue team, including physicians, set out on the first day.

Stating that Trakya University is a large institution with wide possibilities, Tabakoğlu said, “After the earthquake, ‘What can we do?’ We thought. We started working by making quick decisions.” said.

Tabakoğlu said that the epicenter of the 7.6 earthquake was Kahramanmaraş. Elbistan Expressing that they established a support center in the district and provided services to the disaster victims, he said:

“First a soup boiled, then it became a place where 4 meals a day were served with the work done. Then we wanted to make the children happy and created a playground for the children. After that, we tried to bring support to the villages that could not be reached. The most thanks are due to leaving his family behind at home with his life and blood. “It is for our university personnel who went to the region. You went to the region voluntarily and filled a gap. Our rescue teams saved 6 lives.”

At the ceremony, the personnel who participated in the works in the earthquake area were given their certificates.

Son Dika Current 233 volunteer personnel from Trakya University served in the earthquake zone – Last Minute

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