5 years of updates and more are coming from Xiaomi!

A week ago, Xiaomi managed to attract attention with the new Xiaomi 13 series it introduced around the world. The flagship models Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro will not upset users when it comes to taking pictures with camera technologies developed with Leica.

Also these devices will get great software support directly from the manufacturer. Here are the details.

3 major updates and 5 years of support

Both smartphones are currently the most powerful processors, easily surpassing one million points on AnTuTu. 8 Gen2 It has really high performance.

These two flagship models of Xiaomi will also delight their users with updates. Specifically, the Chinese giant is running the operating system. While promising 3 major updates, On the MIUI and security side 5 years of support will be given. In this way, smartphones It will stay up to date from 13 to the last stop 16.

In fact, we can say that the only reason the company does this is because the phones it has just released have high prices. Phones of other brands such as Samsung or are already at high prices, and these companies offer high update support to their devices. Therefore, the company New series starting from 999 euros Despite the prices, it will try to lure its customers in this way.

Updates are coming to Xiaomi to increase returns!

We predict that Xiaomi will release new versions of in a shorter time after the official announcement, but it will still take time to adapt the MIUI superstructure, which is quite challenging for itself, to these Android versions.

Xiaomi 13 Lite will not be able to enjoy these advantages

These planned updates are the cheapest model in the series. Xiaomi 13 Lite Let me also point out that it does not apply to We can say that the main reason for this situation is the old processor used. ( 7 Gen 1)

How did you find this Xiaomi update policy?

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