A blow to TikTok from Denmark! Use prohibited

It encounters many problems on issues such as and privacy. The application had many problems, especially in the USA, with the claim that data was shared with China. Employees in government agencies in some states he was banned from using it, now it’s a coup d’etat Denmark’came from

A blow to TikTok from Denmark!  Its use is prohibited - Picture : 1

Employees banned from using for reasons

Privacy and now have a very important place among social media applications. For this reason, applications are in serious competition with each other. , which has written the rules from scratch on social media since its launch, is taking blow after blow. The company is now banned in Denmark for security reasons.

It seems that ’s security statements were not enough for DR, who does business around the world. The broadcaster also refused to use the world-famous social media platform in its content. “We advise all our employees not to use or install on their work phones,” DR manager Niels Ammitzbøll warned company employees.

It faces many security problems, especially in the US region. The company’s CEO, Shou Zi Chew, will visit the US Congress later this month. The company told BBC Radio 4 they were worried about becoming a “pawn” in the tension between China and the US.

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