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It is a visible fact that in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of reasons that can drive flavor lovers to the road, in pursuit of natural and local flavors. This being the case, opportunists can get around quickly enough to notice the trend in this direction and open a business no matter what they do when they wake up in the morning. Every time you turn a corner, “We have the best!” A sign shouting greets you. Some of them exaggerate the work a little more and start their business that they opened the day before. “Historic, I don’t know what” they can put the label.

Don’t take it as a joke, it was just a few years ago “Flavor from the Balkans” that came into our lives like fashion. Trilece for; “We have the historical Balkan dessert Trileçe!” after saying, “There is no caramel left, should I give it to my brother with kiwi sauce?” We had a romantic relationship with a business that asked. We broke up fast!

This opportunism can sometimes turn into such a state that; We can find Erzurumlu the master of Bursa İskender, while the Mediterranean is the connoisseur, the Aegean is the lahmacun master, my dear cag kebab. To the master of the ornate place, who added Hatay’s famous künefe to his menu, “That cheese is not used in Kunefe.” since he can say, come! However, to taste a flavor as much as possible in the lands where it is rooted; It didn’t happen, it shouldn’t be like tasting from the hands of the connoisseurs who took root in those lands.

A Bosnian Pastry Shop in Çorlu

Yusuf FERITThe Bosnian pastry shop, run by . A small corner shop located in the back corner of the municipal wedding hall, in the building just across from the Bayol Business Center. You know, it doesn’t even have a fancy name like the chain pastry houses that are opened in every city like fashion. Bosnian Pastry Shop… It’s that simple.

This is a sales counter, a stove just behind it with a small slotted grill, and a place so small that three tables for four each can fit inside. In nice weather, he can only get two extra tables in front of the door. It’s not there in the winter. Behind the living room, there is a kitchen unit measuring one and a half or two meters long.

Yusuf Bey’s inclination to this job in Çorlu contains a story of holding on to life in the way he knows. He was born in the Sancak region during the Yugoslavia period. In accordance with the population exchange protocols between his countries, he applied for Turkish citizenship in 1965. Due to the conditions of that period, those whose ancestors were found on Turkish soil were more easily accepted into citizenship. Still, the investigations took 3 whole years. During this whole process, Yusuf FERİT, who often went to the consulate’s door for the good news. Finally, the news he had been waiting for came in 1968.

Yusuf FERİT’s great ancestors were settled in the Bosnia-Sancak region from Karaman. Some of those resettled from this region were later settled around Sakarya. For this reason, with the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey in 1968, the population records were recorded from Sakarya, where traces of ancestors were found in Turkey. After a while, most of the family settled in Istanbul. With his command of Slavic languages, he worked in tourism and sales in Laleli for many years. He provided for his family this way.

His brother, on the other hand, chose the kitchen job for himself from those years and sought his sustenance by opening a Bosnian pastry shop. Their partnership in principle with his older brother, who has been doing the same job since then, “I am satisfied with my job in Laleli. If you agree, I’ll help you with the rest of my time. Only on this condition can I accept the partnership.” started in the middle. Come and go, he learned the intricacies of the business with a talent that comes from his roots.

Their settlement in Çorlu is another story. In order to alleviate the health problems of their son caused by living in a big city like Istanbul and some environmental problems, they searched for a more airy place away from the suffocating city. At the suggestion of their relatives, they settled in Yeniçiftlik town (Marmaraeregilisi), 20 km from Çorlu, a few years ago. They have built a warm home in the garden, surrounded by poultry, where their feet are on the ground. Meanwhile, the positive progress of their son’s health was more than enough to make them happy.

While rebuilding their lives, Yusuf Ferit clings to what he knows best. He chose the way of presenting delicacies from Bosnian cuisine by opening a small pastry shop in Çorlu. Every day, in his little shop, he could only sell a few Bosnian pastriesin, Bosnian dumplingsbrings the homemade pastries to the counter.

When the work is finished, a feverish production process begins in Yeniçiftlik. Together with his wife, they prepare the next day’s pastries before the morning. When his wife is very tired, “You go to sleep, I’ll prepare all the pies!” Yusuf Bey, who is kind and skillful enough to say. The next morning he returns to Çorlu to open his shop.

Sometimes he talks about preparing pies for his shop for more than the estimated customers that might come that day. He mentions that he occasionally gives orders for the ladies’ days, their ensembles.

In order not to leave the visitors empty, Yusuf Bey keeps a meatball, which he flattened as wide as the bottom of a dinner plate, ready to complete his earnings. First Name Pleskavica. “Flat meatballs” says it means.

Next to the hearth where the corrugated grill is located, the famous Bosnians kuru etI see your ad. However, Yusuf Bey talks about the fact that he can not always provide dried meat, and that he can offer it at certain times.

While Bosnian pastries with spinach, minced meat and cheese, and Bosnian ravioli lined up like pearls are on the counter, those who want toast as a quick snack from the bazaar shopkeepers are beating their heads. The Bosnian vein is suddenly catching. However, he expresses shyly that he has to respond to such a demand for his home’s livelihood, as if he betrayed the Bosnian pastry.

There is a huge picture of Mostar Bridge adorning the wall. Sometimes the Bosnian accent accompanies his conversation about the lands he came from, with its dominant tone, for which you can find clues in every word that comes out of his mouth. He softens the hospitality that envelops you as he speaks his harsh temperament.

Yusuf FERİT is trying to keep his shop alive with boutique production in a small shop that only those who know or those who have to pass by can know. He is doing what he knows, nourished by his own roots. As in the examples we have mentioned above, although he sometimes doubts that it will compete with the chain pastry shops spreading in fashion, it is obvious that he is happy to be doing the job he knows and loves. Maybe some “It’s a pie, what’s extra?” This is the main reason why we carry the scarce opinion production, which he can say, to our pages.


Address : Seyhsinan Mah. Kocaaga Sok. No : 16/A ÇORLU (Opposite Bayol Business Center)

Tel : 0 538 9478377


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