A famous name’s response to the smear campaign against the Dude Association!

Many of our people lost their lives due to earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, Gaziantep, Malatya and surrounding cities. While all of Turkey is becoming one body, many aid organizations are trying to help our people by going to the earthquake zone.

Dude, one of these associations, delivered a lot of aid to the region and was appreciated by everyone. Recently, a smear campaign has appeared for the Dude association, especially on social media.

Haluk Levent “The situation they are trying to pull us into…”

The Founding Name of the Association, Haluk Levent, must have heard about these scribbling works, because he clarified the discussions in a TV show he attended yesterday. Expressing that they took aid in the earthquake area, the famous singer said, “We are in an effort to provide the necessary assistance to our citizens who are in need of help here, without falling in case they try to pull us.”

The famous name's response to the smear campaign against the dude!

Expressing that they are doing their best for the region in his statements, the famous singer also expressed that more containers should come to the region. Stating that the tent aids he made in the 1999 earthquake were wrong when considered prospectively, the singer explained that they would not make this mistake in the earthquakes that took place in Kahramanmaraş and Hatay and that they would build containers rather than tents.

Stating that they are working with AFAD and other NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) teams, the famous name said that they only focus on helping in such a difficult time. While many of our people lost their lives due to the earthquake in our country, our aid organizations are trying to do their best in the field.

While our police teams, gendarmerie teams and soldiers continue to work hard in this grave disaster in our country, it is not nice to see such news on social media. As Teknolojioku team, we wish God’s mercy to our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake and a speedy recovery to the injured.

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