A ‘free market’ was created for earthquake victims in Edirne

Kahramanmaras Aid continues from Thrace to the earthquake region due to the earthquakes that affect 10 centered cities and are described as the “disaster of the century”.

Edirne Governorate led by AFAD Under the coordination of the Provincial Directorate Architect Sinan Sport Donations are collected in the hall.

In the gym, a market was created where new products are given free of charge for the benefit of earthquake victims hosted in the city.

In addition to food items, the market also includes clothing and hygiene items for children and adults.

Market attendant Hilal Işık told reporters that they prepared brand new products for those who came to Edirne from the earthquake zone.

Stating that earthquake victims can obtain these products free of charge, Işık said, “We list the needs of earthquake victims and make preparations. We deliver these materials to their places of residence. Anyone who wants can come and get them here.” said.

Mobile toilet demand

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Edirne Representative Ambassador Murat Ahmet Yoruk‘s wife Ayşegül Erdal Yörük told Anadolu Agency (AA) that all citizens continued to collect aid in unity and solidarity since the first day of the earthquake.

Emphasizing that the aid should be done consciously, Yörük continued as follows:

“With the awareness of the air temperature, which is 19 degrees below zero, they should send these aids. They need portable toilets. We are trying to send a portable toilet there. My wife is the ambassador and we experienced an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 during her duty in Albania. We saw that our disabled and elderly citizens in AFAD tents. “There was a need for a portable toilet so that he could meet his toilet needs on site. We are trying to get them and send them.”

Yörük stated that instead of powdered food for babies, vegetable food and diapers can be brought in glass jars.

Companies in the city and Edirne Chamber of Industry and Commerce also sent food, clothing and hygiene materials to the earthquake zone by trucks.

On the other hand, the aid campaign initiated by Edirne Municipality continues.

Citizens bring aid materials to Atatürk Cultural Center and Municipal Conservatory.


According to the statement made by the Tekirdağ Governorship, studies were carried out to heal the wounds caused by the earthquakes and to support the search and rescue activities.

In this context, 1,986 earthquake victims were hosted throughout the province, and their needs such as shelter, food and clothing were met by mobilizing all the means of the state.

106 teams, 1,450 personnel, search and rescue dogs, 3 catering vehicles were deployed from Tekirdağ to the earthquake zone.

In addition, 2 thousand 55 tents, 107 thousand 37 blankets, 7 thousand 24 quilts, 5 thousand 167 pillows and sheets, 10 thousand 887 heaters and stoves, 8 thousand 762 beds, 17 thousand 669 kitchen sets, 907 boxes of medical supplies, 26 tons of food materials, 113 thousand 33 breads, 2 thousand 920 packages of baby food, 4 thousand 911 packages of diapers, 16 thousand 220 clothing materials, 23 thousand 507 pairs of socks, 2 thousand 576 boxes of shoes, 38 thousand 546 boxes of water, 14 thousand 562 boxes and 29 thousand 36 packages of hygiene materials, 1,389 boxes and 1,788 liters of oil, 190 tons of flour, 277 tons of fuel, 9 tons of meat and various aid materials were delivered.

285 trucks, 93 trucks, 78 vans, 27 containers and 7 mobile kitchens, 5 thousand 25 living containers, 48 ​​mobile bathrooms, 75 mobile toilets and 1 caravan were sent to the earthquake zone from Tekirdağ.

114 vehicles with various features, 49 generators, 3 mobile lighting, 2 thousand 100 liters of fuel and thermal monitoring devices were also taken to the earthquake area.

Also, trailer dormitory HatayIt was shipped to.

Family 4 teams and 16 personnel from the Provincial Directorate of Social Services and Social Services. Diyarbakir ve MalatyaIt was learned that he was assigned to .


In Kırklareli, aid campaigns continue under the leadership of the Governor’s Office and under the coordination of AFAD.

In order to support the search efforts in the earthquake zone, 900 personnel and 120 trucks, 50 trucks and 30 pickup trucks were sent from the city.

Demirkoy 20 trucks of firewood from the district, and a psychosocial support team of 10 people from the Family and Social Services Directorate and the Provincial Health Directorate were sent to the earthquake zone.

In the campaign organized by the Kırklareli Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, 340 small and 10 cattle were donated by the breeders for the disaster victims.

Kirklareli Public Education Center The trainees of the sewing-embroidery course also sewed pajamas, berets and fleece sweatpants for the earthquake victims and delivered them to the earthquake zone.

The women of Kırklareli produced village breads, which are known for keeping their freshness for a long time. Approximately 10 thousand breads were sent to the region by women.

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