A new feature has come to YouTube! Now we will see more

late last year “Joint Live Broadcast” He talked about bringing the feature. However, there has been no progress on this issue since then. ‘un resmi One of their accounts announced that they have brought the Joint Live Broadcast feature with a post he shared yesterday.

50 subscriber requirement has arrived

TeamYouTube According to the tweet shared from the account, brings the Joint Live Broadcast feature on smartphones. This feature, as the name suggests, will allow the two channels to broadcast live together.

To open these live broadcasts where everyone can be a guest, channel owners at least 50 subscribers must have. Channel owners will be able to view analytics in Studio after the live broadcast. People who are guests of the broadcast, of course, will not be able to access this data.

How to open a joint live broadcast?

The innovation is currently being tested with several creators. Help It will be available to more creators soon, according to the post cited by. You can follow the steps below in order to make a Joint Live Broadcast on :

login to the app
– located at the bottom Create + click the tab
Create+ Tap the “Collaborative Live Stream” button on the tab
– To be viewed by guests for broadcast title, Specify details such as description.
“Finished” tap the button
– The person who will be the guest of the live broadcast “invite co-publisher” Tap the tab. Copy the link from here or send the invite link to the partner publisher.
– After the live broadcast guest arrives “Start Live” Tap the tab.

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