A new one is added to the news of layoffs

Emerging towards the end of 2019 and turning 2020, 2021 into a nightmare COVID-19 The virus has now completely lost its effect. It seems that it will be difficult for many years to compensate for the damage that the nightmare of a time, which began to be perceived as an almost ordinary flu, to the world economies for 2 years.

Last year, many big companies went through very difficult processes due to the effects of this economic crisis, and as a result, hundreds of thousands of people were unemployed.

A new one is added to the news of layoffs

, Amazon, It was hoped that this process would end in 2023, while giants such as tech giants decided to part ways with their thousands of employees. But the American tech giant ’tan The news shows that 2023 will not be very pleasant either.

According to the latest information served by sources close to the company, will part ways with approximately 11,000 employees in a short time. The company, which has more than 200,000 employees worldwide, will reduce the number of its employees by almost 5% with this move. Actually ’s a pandemic As a result of the recruitment of almost 60,000 people during the period, the number of employees increased considerably and it was thought that the new large-scale recruitment program would not be put into use for a long time. However, the news of layoffs coming to the fore while there is an expectation that there will be no recruitment may indicate that 2023 does not host great expectations.

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