A new polarization is coming from the USA!

Some Japanese and US companies have formed a new partnership (more precisely, teasing TSMC and China!) to be able to produce 2nm semiconductors in the next few years. This polarization that emerged with Japan’s leadership aims to compete directly with Taiwanese industry leader TSMC.

Atsuyoshi Koike, head of Japanese chip startup Rapidus, announced that the company plans to build a prototype production line for 2nm semiconductors by the first half of 2025. This plan TSMCIt doesn’t seem like a coincidence that ‘ happened at the same time as the 2nm node process in 2025.

New Chip polarization could energize regions

Fast and IBM announced in December that they will form a partnership to further develop and manufacture the 2 nm semiconductor design that IBM first introduced in 2021. The new processor node will promise a 45 percent performance boost from 7 nm nodes by packing more than 50 billion transistors into a nail-sized chip.

In addition, this new method can provide the same performance as 7nm while using 75% less energy. US tech giant IBM On the other hand, it will not manufacture the chips itself, but instead aims to license its designs to its partners and release them to the market.

A new polarization is coming that will make the chip crisis history!

Koike, He said the long-term goal of the Japanese company is to mass produce 2nm. The effort will come with partial funding from the Japanese government’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and as part of collaboration between American private companies.

The upcoming flagship smartphones will now use the N3 3nm node, which TSMC went into full production late last year. It is the primary customer of the company’s first N3 chips, which it plans to launch later this year. with 15 models it will be.

Meanwhile , In a bid to catch up with TSMC, it wants to launch the 20 Ångström (20A basically a rebranded 2nm) in 2024. If the first customers for the upcoming node Amazon ve chip maker it will be.

The biggest client behind TSMC will start producing 3nm chips in June. Like its Taiwanese competitor, the Korean company is looking to begin mass production of 2nm by 2025.

This polarization movement brought about by the USA and Japan seems to be part of the tension with China. Let’s see what happens in the future, we’ll all live and see.

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