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The building, referred to as the “Protocol House” by the people of Edirne, is one of the most visited places by those who cross the road to Edirne. Those who come to the place to relieve their tiredness take a breath, sipping their hot tea with rabbit blood on the smoke, Meriç RiverThey can dive into the insatiable course of. Right next to the Protocol House, the famous necklace that wraps around the neck of the river like a precious necklace. Meric Bridgeextends towards the opposite shore like a witness finger and EdirneIt points to the masterpiece of Sinan the Great, like “the most precious stone of a glittering crown” on the horizon. Selimiye

Protocol House; A Sweet Peace…

The building, which the people of Edirne call the “Protocol House”, is located on the wing facing the direction of Bosnaköy, next to the foot of the Meriç Bridge in the direction of Karaağaç. Although the exact date of construction is unknown, in the second half of the 1800s, Elm We can say that it was built in the same period as the other buildings designed as an outpost along the road leading to the district. In accordance with the purpose of its construction, it served as the Customs Enforcement Building and the Gendarmerie Station for many years. A line of the railway stretching to the historical train station in Karaağaç passed here, and customs clearance works were carried out from this building.

Protocol House © Dinçer ALABAŞOĞLU

Since the footsteps of the Balkan Wars were heard and the old train line became unsafe, it started to serve as an advanced gendarmerie station. During the war and subsequent occupation years, this time it was used for similar tasks for the occupation forces. The building continued this duty in the first periods after the republic. II. While Thrace was evacuated against the danger of World War II, the building, which was used for military purposes like many other buildings in this region to ensure the safety of the city, was then abandoned to its fate, so to speak. It has been inactive for many years, exposed to the brutality of time and climatic conditions. Until the legendary governor of Edirne, the deceased Fahri YucelUntil the hand of compassion touches this ancestral heirloom, as well as other historical and cultural assets of this ancient city…

The Protocol House was restored with the initiatives of Edirne Governor Fahri Yücel and the support of the Çekül Foundation, and brought back into the urban fabric of Edirne. After the restoration, the building was taken under the body of the Special Provincial Administration, and then it was allocated to the Edirne Municipality with the protocol signed between the two institutions. The building, which was opened for tourism purposes within the scope of the Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs, became known as the “Protocol House” after the restoration, since the Governor Bey brought his special guests to this place for a coffee treat.

Located right on the banks of the Meriç River and the Meriç Bridge, right across the insatiable view of Edirne and its crowning Selimiye, the “Protokol House” is now a place where visitors of Edirne can enjoy “a cup of tea or foamy coffee” from Edirne over the smoke. sweet peace” is one of the most visited places.

Opening Photo : Bulent Balkanli


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