A101 is selling boats again!

The products that chain markets sell from time to time are remarkable. In particular, we see that some of the technological items sold are surprisingly cheap. For this reason, we have witnessed many times that there is a queue in front of these markets early in the morning. past , which exaggerated the business by selling boats for years, managed to take the first place on the agenda of social media.

is selling boats again!

Afterwards, the brochure of the market, which came to the agenda once again by selling caravans, appeared on Thursday, February 2, with the products to be sold. Accordingly, will once again sell boats. 4.95 metre length of the boat will have a cabin and the engine will not be included in the price. The price determined by the market for the boat is exactly according to the details written in the brochure. 109.000 TL.

Of course, many more remarkable products are on sale this week at the corner you bought . One of them is Mi Smart AirFryer. The price demanded for the product, which has been quite fashionable recently, is 3.099 TL. On Thursday, when many more technological devices from phones to televisions and even computers will be sold, consumers will again form a queue at the door. If you want to take advantage of the opportunities, you should book your place early. What can we say, good luck!

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