Acceptance of the National Anthem and Mehmet Akif Ersoy Memorial Day

AK Party Edirne Provincial President Belgin İba, Acceptance of the National Anthem and Mehmet Akif ErsoyPublished a message on the occasion of the Memorial Day.

In his message, İba stated that they are proud and happy to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the adoption of the National Anthem, which is the symbol of independence, by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on March 12, 1921.

Emphasizing that the Turkish Nation’s struggle for existence is a document of honor put into words, İba said that the National Anthem has been performed for 102 years. TurkeyHe stated that it is being sung proudly and enthusiastically by everyone from seven to seventy in every corner of the city.

Stating that the National Anthem is the expression of the great heroism of a nation’s love of independence in the face of impossibilities, the struggle for liberation with perseverance and self-sacrifice was put into verse, and said:

“I believe that the more we hold on to the values ​​that our National Anthem adds to us, the more confident we can look to our future. The spirit embodied in those magnificent lines that start with ‘Don’t be afraid’ is our most important trust to us today and to our youth, who will be our future tomorrow.

Deceased with these feelings and thoughts Mehmet Akif Ersoyas said ‘Allah We are celebrating the 102nd anniversary of the adoption of our National Anthem in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey by saying, ‘Let this nation never write a National Anthem again’, our great poet Mehmet Akif ErsoyI commemorate our martyrs and veterans with gratitude, gratitude and mercy.”

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