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Hundreds of thousands of internship and apprenticeship insurance victims are taking to the streets in Istanbul this time. Internship Insurance Victims (SSM) Association President Ferhat Salman will make a press statement with thousands of victims in Istanbul on Sunday, January 15, after Ankara, Bursa and Sakarya.

In order to remedy the injustice applied to the victims of internship and apprenticeship insurance, on Sunday, January 15, 2023, at 12:00, a press statement will be held at Kadıköy Rıhtım Square with thousands of people. An official application was made to obtain permission from the Istanbul Governor’s Office.

In his statement, President Ferhat Salman explained that internship insurance victimization is a big problem that delays the retirement period by 10-15 years, as only the short-term insurance of people who are actively employed in the industry in their last year of vocational high school and who work as apprentices in workplaces are covered.

Pointing out that it is a big mistake to expect these children, who do not have legal signing authority to vote, to make a distinction between short-term and long-term insurance at the age of 15-16, Salman said: In addition, making such a regulation will concern the general public, as it will reveal the perspective and attitude of the lawmaker towards apprentices and interns.” said.
Salman continued as follows: “Before 1999, hundreds of thousands of internship and apprenticeship insurance victims started their internships as the beginning of the long-term insurance branch, and this problem can be easily solved if these people borrow their internship periods. Thus, the beginning of the internship is taken as the start of the long-term SSI, the insurance period is accepted from the age of 18 and this social problem is solved together. We have been trying to protect our grievances for years. For this, we will make a press statement with thousands of people in Istanbul after Ankara. We are right, we will win. Internship should come to the agenda of the Parliament with the EYT draft law and grievances should be resolved.”

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