Agreement between Amazon and EU completed

The European Commission has agreed Amazon’a on how it treats third-party vendors anticonvulsant He said he would shelve his investigations for now. Amazon will have to honor commitments for five to seven years, or it could face hefty fines.

Contract, Amazon’s July It includes several preliminary commitments made in Amazon other stuff well The queue will evenly rank all vendors in the Checkout options so customers can quickly purchase the product. Amazon says a second Buy recommendation will be displayed if another seller offers the product at a significantly different price and/or delivery time.

Third-party vendors in the EU also no longer Amazon’a without having to use delivery or logistics services Prime available through. In addition, Amazon will not be able to use non-public data about third-party vendors to benefit its own business, including to create counterfeit versions of logistics or popular products.

Agreement between Amazon and EU completed

The final agreement is for third-party sellers to offer delivery services similar to those offered by Amazon. Amazon It also includes some additional commitments, such as facilitating direct contact with its customers.

The agreement will be valid for five years. Prime and the second Buy options commitments will last seven years. Contract, It will apply to the entire European Economic Area except Italy. However, Italy will be out of the deal, as the country’s own competition agency has fined Amazon.

EU regulators, Amazon’a If the Commission finds that it does not comply with the terms of the agreement, anticonvulsant fine the company up to 10% of its global annual revenue without having to detect violations of its rules. According to Amazon’s 2021 revenue, this penalty is an amount that can reach $ 47 billion. Alternatively, EC may impose a separate penalty to Amazon of 5% of its daily turnover for each day of non-compliance with the terms of the agreement.

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