Ahiska Turkish female doctor was promoted to chief physician in Hakkari, where she voluntarily stayed.

By Ministry of Health 2 years ago HakkariThe Kazakh Meskhetian Turk appointed to Opr. Dr. Nigara Dursun, as the chief physician, provides health services to people in the city where he voluntarily stayed despite the completion of his compulsory service period.

Dursun, 38 years old, graduated from Kazakhstan National Medical University in 2007 and then graduated from Kazakh University surgical specialty, 2 years later. Aegean University He completed his Turkish Language education at the Institute of Turkic World Studies.

Dursun, who speaks advanced level of Turkish, English and Russian in addition to his mother tongue, has been studying at Trakya University for 9 years. Edirne He worked as an assistant at the Faculty of Medicine.

Dursun was promoted to the position of chief physician in a short time at the Şemdinli State Hospital, where he was assigned by the Ministry of Health within the scope of compulsory service 2 years ago.

Dursun, who takes care of his patients closely and gains the trust of people with his sincere attitude, was appointed as chief physician to Hakkari State Hospital last month thanks to his successful studies.

Dursun, who works overtime to heal patients with his colleagues, told the AA correspondent that he loves the city, therefore he wants to stay by extending his term of office.

After finishing medical education TurkeyExplaining that he decided to settle in Turkey, Dursun stated that he was successful by participating in some exams at that time.

Stating that he also worked in a military hospital in Kazakhstan, Dursun said, “I also have a 2-year military certificate. Şemdinli is a very beautiful district. I like it very much. I continue to work.” said.

Expressing that they are making an effort to provide the best service to the people of the region, Dursun continued as follows:

Allah let it not harm our state. With the support of our Honorable Governor and Provincial Health Director, Hamdullah Kara, we are trying to provide the best service in all units in our hospital. I want to carry the flag that I bought from our previous friend to better places. We will serve you day and night. We are no different from private hospitals. There is a lot of progress in the field of health in Hakkari. Angio, newborn, burn centers and different units were opened. Culturally, there is not much difference. I have never felt like a foreigner here. The people are helpful and hospitable. Even though my compulsory service in Şemdinli ended, I wanted to serve here voluntarily.”

Stating that the dependency on the surrounding provinces has decreased with the investments made in the field of health and the new devices purchased in the city, Dursun stated that there are doctors in many branches and that the surgeries that were not performed before were successfully performed.

Son Dika Current Ahiska Turkish female doctor was promoted to chief physician in Hakkari, where she voluntarily stayed – Last Minute

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