Aid and support continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone

Kahramanmaras due to earthquakes affecting 10 provinces Edirne, Kirklareli ve TekirdagAid to the earthquake area continues.

Edirne Governorate led by AFAD Under the coordination of the Provincial Directorate Architect Sinan Sport The aid collected in the Hall is sorted, packaged and loaded onto trucks.

Edirne Municipality The aid campaign launched by is also continuing.

Citizens bring aid materials to Atatürk Cultural Center and Municipal Conservatory. In the meantime, aid campaigns in the districts continue.

A philanthropist who came to Edirne Mufti donated 14,600 liras of zakat to the Turkish Religious Foundation (TDV).

The benefactor, TDV Edirne Branch President and Provincial Mufti to deliver the money to the earthquake victims Hasan BasogluHe handed it to her against a receipt.


Aid materials collected in campaigns in Kırklareli are sent to the earthquake zone by trucks.

Aid campaigns organized by the governorship and municipality continue.

Citizens bring aid materials to be used in the earthquake zone, especially clothes, food, blankets and personal hygiene materials, to the designated points.

Funds collected Youth It was transported to the earthquake zone by trucks from the center and the municipal police department.

Deputy Governor Elif Canan Tuncer thanked the citizens of Kırklareli for their sensitivity. Stating that the campaigns continue, Tuncer noted that many aid trucks were sent from the city.

Luleburgaz In the district, the aid collected in the campaign organized by the Youth Center and the municipality was sent to the earthquake zone with 4 trucks.


Emine Kuşku, 73, in Tekirdağ, paid 200 liras of Turkish lira to be sent to the earthquake zone. Red Crescent He submitted it to the Tekirdag Branch Presidency.

Kuşku told the AA correspondent that he was deeply saddened by the earthquake.

Indicating that sharing and solidarity have gained much more importance, Kuşku said, “Our country has suffered a great disaster. Even if he has a penny, he should give half. Nobody should think that it will not happen to us. They are miserable here and we are miserable here. This is a great pain.” said.

Within the scope of the campaign initiated by the Ergene Municipality, the citizens delivered baby diapers, blankets, electric heaters, cleaning products, dry food and many materials to the aid points.

Palace In the district, citizens handed over the aid materials to the officials.

The collected aid was sent to Tekirdağ AFAD Directorate with trucks.

Son Dika Current Aid and support continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone – Last Minute

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