Aid and support continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone

Kahramanmaras due to earthquakes affecting 10 provinces Edirne, Kirklareli ve TekirdagAid to the earthquake area continues.

In Edirne, under the leadership of the Governor’s Office AFAD Within the scope of the campaign organized under the coordination of the Provincial Directorate, citizens donated aid materials. Architect Sinan Sport He brings it to the living room.

Country adjacent to the fundraiser BulgariaMaterial shipments continue.

Public employees and citizens separate the incoming aids according to their types, put them in parcels and sacks, and then load them on trucks.

Primary school student’s pocket money “Get well soon” TurkeySent with note ‘m’

The little student, who came to Mimar Sinan Sports Hall with his family, handed over the note paper in which he conveyed his feelings and the envelope in which he put his pocket money.

The helpful student wrote the lines “Get well soon for all the injured. I hope all families get together. Get well soon, my Turkey”.

3rd grade primary school student Eslem Elmas told Anadolu Agency (AA) that she is happy to help those affected by the earthquake.

Wishing everyone to regain their health as soon as possible, Elmas said, “I am sending my savings to those affected by the earthquake. I want to help them. We are sending aid to them from Edirne, everyone should help.” said.


of Tekirdag Corlu 7 truck aid materials collected by the municipality in the district were sent to the earthquake zone under the coordination of AFAD.

Mayor of Corlu Ahmet Sarikurtto those who died AllahHe wished mercy and healing to the wounded.

Earthquake Explaining that they also sent the search and rescue team of the municipality to the region, Sarıkurt said, “They are racing against time, their job is really difficult. I hope they reach our citizens under the rubble as soon as possible and save them from the rubble.” said.

Ergene Municipality also sent 4 trucks of aid materials to the earthquake area under the coordination of AFAD.

Mayor Rasim YukselIn his statement, he stated that all the people of the district supported the aid campaign and said, “As Ergene, we have provided a great bonding and solidarity. Our aid will continue.” he said.

A truck aid material collected by the Kapaklı District Governorate was also sent to the region to be delivered to the earthquake victims.

District Governor Bayram Sağır thanked all NGOs, industrial organizations, Kapaklı Municipality, citizens and institutions that supported the aid campaigns initiated in the district and the region, and said, “From the night of the earthquake to this day, all public authorities, especially our teachers, gendarmerie and police personnel in our district. Our colleagues in the institution work day and night for our earthquake-affected citizens, regardless of working hours. May God be pleased with all of them.” used the phrase.

Citizens in Kırklareli opened their homes for earthquake victims

Luleburgaz Retired Oktay Gezici, who lives in the Atatürk District of the district of Istanbul, went to the Lüleburgaz District Governor’s Office to host a family from the earthquake zone at his home, covering all expenses.


Stating that he was very affected by the earthquake, Gezici said:

“I guessed that the destruction was huge. I told my wife and children that I had such an intention. I conscientiously said that I was not comfortable, that it was our duty of humanity. The children also supported them. I submitted my petition to the District Governor’s office so that I could cover all the expenses of a family in my house. Thankfully, the employees also took a moment. first they processed my petition. I was touched there as well. This destruction is huge for our country. We should not only expect it from the state. I have decided to do this because we have a duty to do so. Right now, I am waiting for the answer to come.”

Businessperson Zevcan Açar also applied to the District Governor’s Office to host a family of earthquake victims.

Explaining that he lives in a 4 plus 1 house with his wife and son, Açar said, “After the earthquake, we don’t really want to even eat. “If they give it to us, we will be satisfied. If we exist, we exist for everyone. We also put our heads on the pillow and sleep comfortably. I hope families like us will increase.” said.

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