Aid and support continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone

Affected by the earthquakes described as “the disaster of the century” from Thrace MediterrenianIt continues to support the campaigns organized for aid in 10 provinces in the Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia regions.

Kahramanmaras After the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes centered around the country, EdirneAid campaigns started in .

Edirne Governorate The materials collected within the scope of aid campaigns under the coordination of the company are sent to the region by trucks.

The old man brings help and takes part in the campaign.

Architect Sinan Sport Many students attend the ongoing aid campaigns in the Hall and Atatürk Cultural Center due to the school holidays. People of all ages are working day and night to sort and transport aid.

Ted Stern, a 77-year-old US citizen, is also helping with the sorting work at the gym.

Stern told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he was impressed by the hospitality of people and the historical structure of the city in Edirne, where he came two months ago.

Stating that he felt great sadness after hearing about the earthquake and decided to join the relief efforts, Stern said, “The earthquake is a terrible tragedy, I felt a pain in my heart. I am very happy to participate in the relief efforts here. I am happy to work with the students. It is a great behavior and they work very well. I’m trying my best.” he said.

Describing the earthquake as a “great disaster”, Stern said, “I pray for those who lost their lives. I hope other countries will open their eyes and hearts to help here. I would like to go to the earthquake area, but I do not have the means to go there right now. It is necessary to be a member of an organization to participate in rescue efforts. I will continue to support the relief efforts here.” used the phrases.

College students struggle day and night

Kirklareli University students are working hard to send more aid to the areas affected by the earthquakes.

In Kırklareli, under the leadership of the Governor’s Office AFAD Within the scope of the campaign organized under the coordination of the Provincial Directorate, citizens donated aid materials. Youth brings it to the Center.

University students make great efforts to arrange these aids, fill them in boxes and load them on trucks.

Bilal Faruk Besel, a student of the Faculty of Architecture, said that they have been working hard for the earthquake victims for 5 days.

Explaining that they are struggling to send more aid to the people in the earthquake area, Besel said that they took a deep breath when a truck set off.

Mechanical Engineering student Ebubekir Bayat stated that they are trying to help earthquake victims as much as they can.

Explaining that he gave information to AFAD to go to the earthquake area, Bayat expressed that he was ready to go to the region immediately if needed.

Stating that the wounds will be healed in unity and solidarity, Bayat said, “This was not really a disaster experienced until now. There are very serious wounds. These fatigues are temporary fatigues.” said.

TekirdagAid continues to be sent to the disaster area in .

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