Aid and support continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone

Aid and support continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone.

Within the scope of the aid campaign after the earthquakes described as “the disaster of the century”, Edirne‘of Architect Sinan Sport The materials collected in the Hall and Atatürk Cultural Center are sorted and sent to the region by trucks.

So far, 298 trucks of aid materials have been sent to the earthquake area from Edirne and its districts.

While some of the aid sent from abroad by land is sent to the region, unclassified aids Soil Products Office It is prepared in the warehouses of Edirne General Directorate and delivered to the cities in the region according to the needs.

1585 trucks carrying aid materials from the border gates in Edirne entered the country.

Volunteers are also involved in the preparation of aid.

AFAD Volunteer Beyza Öztürk told Anadolu Agency (AA) that many volunteers are participating in charity work.

Stating that the people of Edirne continue to help for the earthquake zone, Öztürk said, “We are waiting for help. Those who do not have the opportunity to help in cash and in kind can take part in the preparation of aid voluntarily if they want.” said.

Kirklareli and Tekirdag

In Kırklareli, aid continues under the leadership of the Governor’s Office and with the coordination of AFAD Provincial Directorate.

in the city Youth Central, Kirklareli Municipality and Kırklareli University, after the aid boxes are collected and sorted, they are sent to the earthquake zone by trucks.

It is affiliated to the Credit and Dormitories Institution by the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports. Semsettin Sami In the social market established in the Boys’ Dormitory, victims can also meet their needs such as clothes, shoes, diapers and food.

Provincial Director Emrah Yüksel Babuşçu stated that the aid campaigns continue.

Stating that they are working hard to make the victims feel that they are with them, Babuşçu said, “We opened this place as a social market. It is a market that consists of new materials from our citizens. To date, 167 families have been helped here. We continue to host our families who come to our city in our country if they want. Together. TurkeyWe are, we will get through this together. “We are a very big country,” he said.

Luleburgaz At the Public Education Center, the sewing of clothes for the disaster victims continues.

bigmixer Organized industrial Zone The fabrics sent to the Lüleburgaz Public Education Center by the Presidency are prepared by the trainees with tracksuits and baby suits for those in the earthquake zone.

Lüleburgaz District Governor Salih Yuce He also examined the studies at the Public Education Center and received information from the authorities.

In addition, 14 people from the District Mufti’s staff, Gaziantep‘in Islahiye was assigned to the district.

In Tekirdağ, the aid materials collected in AFAD’s warehouse are sorted and sent to the region by trucks.

The earthquake victims who come to the city also get their needs from the social market created at the aid points.

Son Dika Current Aid and support continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone – Last Minute

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