Aid and support continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone

in Thrace, Kahramanmaras Support continues for the aid campaigns launched after the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes affecting 10 provinces.

Edirne Governorate led by AFAD Under the coordination of the Provincial Directorate Architect Sinan Sport The donations collected in the hall are sorted, packaged and loaded onto trucks.

Volunteers form a human chain and transfer the aid materials to the truck through the hall.

Atatürk Cultural Center and Municipality Conservatory, which are the center of the aid campaign initiated by Edirne Municipality, are also crowded.

Aid materials, which have been packaged and prepared since yesterday, are loaded onto trucks.

Mayor Recep Gurkanin a statement, said that all institutions in Edirne are working non-stop to deliver aid to the earthquake area.

Stating that the search and rescue and medical teams went to the region from Edirne and then they started an aid campaign, Gürkan said, “This campaign has been going on for about 24 hours. Apart from our employees, the people of Edirne have a great contribution in both bringing aid and classifying the aid. Currently, we have collected about 4 trucks of material. Our 2 trucks are being loaded and we will send them to the places needed under the coordination of AFAD. Allah May he have mercy on our citizens who lost in the earthquake,” he said.

Gürkan stated that they asked the citizens to bring especially blankets, heaters, baby food, diapers, dry food and protective clothing.

One of the loaded trucks was sent off to the earthquake zone.


4 trucks of tents and blankets were sent to the earthquake zone from the AFAD warehouse in Kırklareli.

In the statement made by the governor’s office, it was stated that 360 tents and 1700 blankets were loaded on trucks and sent to the region.

Aid campaigns continue in Kırklareli under the coordination of the Governor’s Office. Citizens brought aid materials to be used in the earthquake area, especially clothes, food, blankets and personal hygiene materials, to the designated points.

The collected aid is sent to the earthquake zone by trucks. So far, 12 trucks of aid materials have been sent to the earthquake zone from the city.

??????- Tekirdag

Tekirdag Governorate unused clothes, food, blankets and personal hygiene materials in the aid campaign under the leadership of AFAD Provincial Directorate, Ismet Inonu It was brought to the Gym.

The aids brought by the citizens were sorted and packaged by the assigned personnel.

Muratli In the aid campaign initiated by the District Governor’s Office, the citizens brought the aid materials to the Muratlı Public Education Center building.

Citizens delivered food, blankets, quilts, diapers, clothes, heaters and many shelter materials to the officials.

Corlu Citizens in the district also delivered blankets, clothes and food materials to the officials.

?????????Two aid trucks by Çorlu District Governorate and Çorlu Municipality, Adanasent to . In addition, Çorlu Municipality Search and Rescue Team was assigned to the earthquake area.

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