Aid and support for earthquake victims in Thrace continues

Aid and support continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone.

Described as “the disaster of the century” Kahramanmaras Within the scope of the aid campaign launched after the centered earthquakes, Edirnein Architect Sinan Sport Aid is being collected in the Hall and Atatürk Cultural Center.

In addition, the social markets created at these points meet the needs of earthquake survivors who come to the city.

The materials collected in the city center and districts are sorted and sent to the region by trucks.

Turks who went to the earthquake zone from Edirne Red Crescent Volunteers continue their work.

Kahramanmaras and HatayVolunteers serving in the Turkish Red Crescent sort out the donations received at the Turkish Red Crescent’s warehouses, cook at the soup kitchen, pack them and deliver them to the earthquake victims.

Volunteers also participate in the delivery of food and basic needs to the villages affected by the earthquake, provide refreshments in the mobile kitchen vehicle and distribute meals.


In Kırklareli, under the leadership of the Governor’s Office AFAD Aid to the earthquake area continues under the coordination of the Provincial Directorate.

Youth Central, Kirklareli Municipality and Kırklareli University, after the aid boxes are collected and sorted, they are transported to the earthquake zone by trucks.

30 tons of rice, chickpeas, bulgur, lentils and beans and 10 tons of oil were donated by philanthropists for the food needs of the disaster victims.

The pulses brought to the Youth Center in sacks were packaged in two kilograms by the volunteers. In order to facilitate the distribution of aid packages in the earthquake region, 2 liters of oil were boxed with two kilogram bags from each product.

The truck where the pulses are loaded, Kirklareli Governorate He was sent to Hatay with a ceremony held in front of him.

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Governor Yusuf Güler, Deputy Governor Elif Canan Tuncer and corporate managers attended.

Mufti Deputy Ramazan ÖzdemirAfter the prayer recited, the truck was sent off to the earthquake zone.


In Tekirdağ, the aid materials collected in AFAD’s warehouse are sorted and sent to the earthquake zone by trucks.

The earthquake victims who come to the city also get their needs from the social market created at the aid points.

Moreover Marmaraereglisi Toys collected within the scope of the “toy campaign” initiated by the Municipality of Kahramanmaraş ElbistanDelivered to children in

Son Dika Current Aid and support continues for earthquake victims from Thrace – Last Minute

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