Aid continues from Thrace to earthquake zones

Described as “the disaster of the century” from Thrace Kahramanmaras Aid continues to the regions affected by the earthquakes.

Kirklareliunder the leadership of the Governor’s Office AFAD Within the scope of the aid campaign organized under the coordination of the Provincial Directorate, 22 tons of animal feed was sent to the breeders in the earthquake region.

In cooperation with Kırklareli Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Cattle Breeders’ Association and Breeding Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Association, concentrated feed collected from the producers in the city is loaded onto a trailer. Hataysent to

Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Mehmet Aksoyreminded the AA correspondent that the producers in the region suffered great damage after the earthquake.

Noting that the state, producers and unions are trying to provide aid to the citizens in the region, Aksoy said that they have sent approximately 140 tons of animal feed from the city with 7 trucks so far.

Ali Dermenci, Head of the Cattle Breeders’ Association, stated that the earthquake shattered everyone’s hearts and inflicted great wounds on everyone.

Dermenci said that not only people but also animals were adversely affected in the region and said, “All animals and our breeders have suffered a lot in this regard. TurkeyWe are working to cure the wounds of our breeders in the earthquake zone with the help we collect from our producers in the westernmost part of Turkey. Allah I hope you never experience such pain again.”

Bulent Oral, Head of the Breeding Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Association, stated that as the people of Kırklareli, they are trying to help the earthquake victims in every possible way.

In-kind and cash donations meeting

Luleburgaz In the Ahmetbey town of the district of Ahmetbey, in-kind and cash donations were collected for the earthquake victims and blood donations were accepted.

Republic SquareLüleburgaz District Governor to the campaign held in Salih YuceAhmetbey Mayor Mustafa Altıntaş and citizens attended.

While 93 thousand 599 liras of cash aid was collected to be used for the needs of the citizens who were damaged by the earthquake, the citizens supported the campaign by bringing clothing, household goods, food and cleaning materials to the established stands.

77 units of blood were donated to the Turkish Red Crescent.

Donated their piggy bank to earthquake victims

In the town of Ahmetbey, 9-year-old Nazlıcan Diyar and 4-year-old Güney Salcı were among those who supported the campaign.

Nazlıcan donated her books, toys and piggy bank for the earthquake victims, and Güney Salcı donated her toys.

Ahmetbey Mayor Mustafa Altıntaş said in a statement to journalists that the people of the town once again showed the power of solidarity.

Stating that the most valuable donations are made by children as always, Altıntaş said, “I kiss the eyes of our big-hearted children who bring their piggy bank, pocket money, books and toys with their pure feelings. I thank all our fellow countrymen.” said.


Aid continues from Tekirdağ to the earthquake area.

Tekirdağ Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry sent 160 tons of feed and 120 tons of hay to the breeders in the earthquake zone, and 18 people, including veterinarians and technical personnel, were assigned.

Women sew clothes for earthquake victims in Süleymanpaşa

In the clothing technologies course opened in cooperation with Süleymanpaşa Municipality and Tekirdağ Public Education Center, women produce clothes for earthquake victims. Textile products such as winter clothes, tracksuits, scarves, hats, booties and blankets sewn by 60 volunteer women will be delivered to the earthquake zone through AFAD.

Toys were sent to earthquake victims

of Tekirdag Hayrabolu A toy donation campaign was launched with the slogan “Your heart will always be a child” for earthquake-affected children in the district.

The collected toys were sent to earthquake victims through AFAD.

Deniz Temel, Director of Ella Kindergarten, stated that they wanted to make little hearts happy by presenting beautiful toys to the earthquake victims.

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