Aid continues from Thrace to earthquake zones

Described as “the disaster of the century” from Thrace Kahramanmaras Aid continues to the regions affected by the earthquakes.

Kirklareli Organized industrial Zone 5 million liras to be sent to the earthquake zone by the Directorate universeeight 500 thousand liras by the Organized Industrial Zone Directorate AFAD transferred to your account.

Luleburgaz Professional and Technical Anatolian High School 100 stoves were prepared by students to be sent to the earthquake zone.

Lüleburgaz District Governor Salih Yuce, told AA correspondent that all the means of the state were mobilized for earthquake victims. Thanking the students for their sensitivity, Yüce stated that the stoves produced will be sent to the earthquake zone.

Aid materials collected in aid campaigns organized by Kırklareli University continue to be sent to the region by trucks.


Within the scope of the work of the Provincial Coordination Board, which was established by the Tekirdağ Governorship to coordinate the activities to be carried out to support the disaster area, Marmaraereglisi The municipality sent 4 aid trucks to the earthquake area, ambulances to be used in patient transport, and 2 trucks and 2 buckets to be used in search and rescue works.

Hayrabolu The municipality started to manufacture portable toilets to be sent to earthquake zones. Portable toilets manufactured in municipal workshops will be sent to earthquake zones.

Sarkoy 15 thousand breads prepared by bakers in the district were sent to the earthquake zone.


Countersink The trainees of the Public Education Center are sewing winter clothes to be sent to the earthquake zone.

According to the written statement made by the Havsa District Directorate of National Education, clothes such as scarves, berets, gloves and tracksuits were prepared by the trainees. The sewn clothes were delivered to AFAD to be sent to the earthquake zone.

It was stated that the sewing of clothes in the center will continue.

Son Dika Current Aid continues from Thrace to earthquake zones – Last Minute

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