Aid continues from Thrace to the disaster area

Described as “the disaster of the century” Kahramanmaras Aid from Thrace continues to the regions affected by the centered earthquakes.

Edirne Within the scope of the campaign launched by the Governorship Architect Sinan Sport The aids brought to the salon are sorted and packaged.

A part of the gym also serves as a social market for earthquake victims.

Büşra Uslu, one of the officials working in the aid campaign, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that all citizens participated in the aid mobilization after the earthquake.

Stating that some of the aid is not suitable for earthquake victims and asking for sensitivity to this, Uslu said:

“The conscious aids heal the wounds in the earthquake area. Some of the aid boxes come out with high-heel shoes. The people there need to benefit from help both for clothing and psychologically. Please don’t let the aids look like they are emptying the closet. Let’s donate by thinking that they can wear what we can wear this season. Bringing clothes and shoes suitable for the season will meet the needs of our citizens there.”

Preparing stationery for students

A stationery department is also being prepared for earthquake-affected children who started school in Edirne.

Social market officer Ferdi Özdil noted that as part of the aid campaign, they prepared a section containing pens, notebooks, paints, picture books and test books in the social market.

Edirne Public Education Master Trainer Nurgül Aksu also noted that they bring the winter clothes they prepared in their center to the social market, and that earthquake victims who come to the city can benefit from them.

Edirne Governorate, Edirne Municipality The aid collected with the support of citizens in the districts and districts is sent to the earthquake zone.

Tekirdag and Kirklareli

In Kırklareli, under the leadership of the Governor’s Office AFAD Aid campaigns organized under the coordination of the Provincial Directorate continue.

Youth Central, Police Department and Kırklareli University Rectorate Cultural Center.

While a decrease is observed in the aid made by the citizens compared to the first days in the city, food aid is accepted especially in the Youth Center.

Aid materials collected in aid campaigns organized by Kırklareli University are sent to the region by trucks.

In Tekirdağ, the needs of the earthquake victims continue to be met.

“Social Aid Bazaar” was opened for families hosted by Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality.

Son Dika Current Aid continues from Thrace to the disaster area – Last Minute

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