Aid continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone

Aid continues from Thrace to disaster areas, while hundreds of trucks from the region are sent to the cities affected by the earthquake, the preparation of new aid trucks continues.

Described as “the disaster of the century” from Thrace Kahramanmaras Support continues for campaigns organized to help 11 cities affected by earthquakes.

EdirneThe materials collected within the scope of aid campaigns under the coordination of the Governor’s Office are sent to the region by trucks.

Architect Sinan Sport In addition to public employees, many students also support the classification and uploading of the ongoing aid campaigns in the Hall and Atatürk Cultural Center.

276 trucks of aid materials were sent from the city to the earthquake area.

The company in the city stopped its exports and started production in the disaster area.

The health company in the Edirne Organized Industrial Zone also provided aid to the cities affected by the earthquake with a truck carrying health supplies such as gauze, bandages, masks and bandages in the first place.

The company, which stopped exporting abroad, increased its production capacity to ensure adequate supply of health materials to the region.

Company General Manager Abdurrahman Güven said that there is a need for a large amount of health materials in the earthquake region.

Stating that they made an effort to contribute to the healing of the wounds of those injured in the earthquake, Güven said, “Currently, our production is carried out in that region. As a company, we sent 3 trucks of health supplies, 1 of which is donation, to the region. I hope we will continue to send them. Gauze, bandage, elastic and We produce different health materials such as towels, bandages, cotton pads. We have sent all the materials needed in the earthquake region that we produce.” used the phrases.


297 trucks, 95 trucks, 81 pickup trucks, 27 containers and 11 mobile kitchens, 2 mobile hospitals and 2 mobile laundries were sent to the earthquake zone from Tekirdağ.

132 vehicles with various features and 49 generators and thermal monitoring devices were also brought to the earthquake zone.

Blankets and clothes sewn by university students in Tekirdağ were sent to the survivors of the earthquakes, which were described as the “disaster of the century”.

Tekirdag Namik Kemal University (NKU) Technical Sciences Vocational School textile, clothing, shoes and leather department sewed blankets and clothes for the victims under the supervision of first and second year students and instructors of the clothing production technology program. 452 blankets, 20 baby blankets, 157 berets, 70 top and bottom sets, 78 gloves, 74 Yemeni, 41 neck collars and 31 scarves sewn by the students were sent to the earthquake zone.


In Kırklareli, 158 trucks, 86 trucks and 54 pickup trucks were sent to the earthquake zone.

Demirkoy 27 trucks of firewood from the district, Family A psychosocial support team of 10 people from the Social Services Directorate and the Provincial Health Directorate was sent to the earthquake area.

In the campaign organized by the Kırklareli Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, 340 small and 10 cattle were donated by the breeders for the disaster victims.

Kirklareli Public Education Center The trainees of the sewing-embroidery course also sewed pajamas, berets and fleece sweatpants for the earthquake victims and delivered them to the earthquake zone.

The women of Kırklareli produced village breads, which are known for keeping their freshness for a long time. Approximately 10 thousand breads were sent to the region by women.

In addition to humanitarian aid from the region, aid is also provided for animals.

Tons of animal feed was sent from Thrace to the cities affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake, which is described as the “disaster of the century”.

In Edirne, 353 tons of feed was sent to the earthquake area under the coordination of the Agriculture and Forestry Directorate.

Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Atilla Bayazıt stated that the shipment of trucks loaded with feed continues to meet the needs of the breeders engaged in animal husbandry in the earthquake zone.

Emphasizing that difficult times will be overcome with unity and solidarity, Bayazıt said, “Feeds sent to the region are shipped in coordination with our directorates in the earthquake region and delivered to our ministry personnel to our disaster survivor breeders. On this occasion, the feed factories, stock exchange, chambers, unions operating in Edirne, who did not spare their help by showing a great example of solidarity, I would like to thank the managers and members, our mukhtars and all our producers.” he noted.

Ipsala Necmi Sezer, Chairman of the Commodity Exchange, stated that there was a shortage of feed in the region due to the earthquake, and that aid trucks loaded with feed were sent to the region in order to meet the feed needs of sheep and cattle.

From Tekirdağ, 160 tons of feed and 60 tons of straw were sent to the earthquake zone.

Tekirdağ Agriculture and Forestry Manager Oktay Öcal also stated that they are trying to support the producers in the earthquake zone and that they will continue their feed aid.

After the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake, which was described as the “disaster of the century” by the Kırklareli Cattle Breeders’ Association, a truck of animal feed was sent to the breeders in the region.

With the contribution of the Union President Ali Dermenci and the members of the union, the animal feed collected from the breeders in the city was loaded onto the truck. Truck, MalatyaIt was dispatched to be delivered to the breeders whose barns were damaged and had difficulty in finding feed.

Dermenci said that they support the disaster victims, who are cattle breeding in the region, by sending bait to the aid campaign.

Expressing that everyone is supporting the citizens in the region where life has become difficult, Dermenci said: Allah bless you.” he said.

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