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KENTAŞ, a company of Kapaklı Municipality, which has never been on the agenda with false stamps, forged signatures, illegal purchases and bid rigging allegations, was shaken by another scandal this time. According to the last minute news of Çerkezköy Havadis newspaper, which has been following the issue persistently since the beginning, the company became an executive. According to the backstage information obtained by Trakya Politik, much more difficult times await KENTAŞ in the coming days.

Coming to the fore with the allegations that he printed 270 fake stamps and used these stamps on various documents without the knowledge of the company owners, after learning that the stamp was used without their consent, Kapaklı Municipality and KENT A.Ş. Shocked by this breakthrough of the company, which filed a criminal complaint against him, KENT A.Ş. now it is execution. It has been learned that a company that has a receivable of approximately 1 million 500 thousand TL from KENT A.Ş. has put KENT A.Ş. to execution in order to collect its debt. Following these developments, it is thought that the number of criminal complaints and enforcement applications against KENT A.Ş. will increase.

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