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After the 12th meeting of the 6-table, it was announced that a consensus was reached on the joint candidate and the name would be announced on 6 March. After the meeting, while the traffic of talks on the CHP and IYI Party front continued, the General Administrative Board meeting, which was attended by IYI Party leader Meral Akşener, ended. In his post-meeting statement, Akşener said, “The GOOD Party was compelled to impose, it was forced to choose. Of course, he won’t give in to it,” he said.

The Nation Alliance will announce its presidential candidate on Monday. While it was stated that a consensus was reached on the candidate, IYI Party leader Meral Akşener decided to convene the General Administrative Board.

Akşener met with the members of the General Administrative Board (GİK) before the six-table meeting to be held on Monday, March 6th.

Making a statement after the critical meeting, Akşener’s statements are as follows:
“I will say first what I have to say at the end. The IYI Party has been captured. He was forced into a choice. He will not bow to it. We will continue to stand against the freak mentality. We stand tall as always. Our path was the same yesterday and it is the same today. We are in front of those who say that if I hang my jacket, they will nominate. We have come to this day by resisting the imposition. We have come to this day by opposing the usual defeats. At the meeting that took place yesterday, we discussed who the candidate would be. 5 political parties expressed Kılıçdaroğlu’s candidacy.

I would like to make a call to Mr. Mansur Yavaş and Ekrem İmamoğlu. My esteemed presidents, you were elected by the will of the nation. You worked hard despite all the obstacles. You did not leave our nation alone, even under the rubble.

On the verge of critical rupture, the nation is calling you to duty. The 6-fold table is no longer a common mind platform where potential candidates can be discussed, and has turned into a notary desk working for the approval of a single candidate. I regret to say that as of yesterday, the 6-person table has lost its ability to reflect the will of the nation to its decisions.”

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