All about Xiaomi 13 Ultra!

Introduced in July last year, the 12S Ultra was very popular with its features. The device offered by the company holds the title of being the world’s first mobile phone with a gigantic 1-inch photo sensor.

The new 13 Ultra, which will be its successor, may come soon. Here are the known details.

13 Ultra could heat up

Unfortunately, only offered the 12S Ultra model in the Chinese domestic market. 13 Ultra will be launched globally.

According to internet rumors, the official presentation is expected in the second quarter of this year. The launch is expected to take place around April. The most equipped version 13UltraIt is expected to have 16GB of memory and 256GB of internal storage.

The 13 Ultra, which will use 16 GB of RAM and will be the first model to be released to the global market, will be one of the models that users expect a lot about the camera. The technical details about the device are as follows; which will be curved towards the edges E6 AMOLED screen, 1 inch sensor size for primary camera (Maybe bigger) IMX989 Camera Sensor.

Since the device will be introduced globally, it is expected to be offered for sale in our country as well. What do you think about the model, which is extremely powerful and is expected to include many innovations at the same time?

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