Amateur photographers in Western Thrace participated in AA’s ‘Photos of the Year’ voting

West ThraceAmateur photographers participated in the “Photos of the Year” voting organized by Anadolu Agency (AA).

Photographers examined the photos in the categories of “news”, “sports” and “environment-life” taken by AA photojournalists and reporters in Turkey and abroad, one by one.

Photographer Ertan Hüseyin, in the “news” category Ozkan BilginVoted for the “Mission done” by Elif Öztürk Özgöncü, “Champions” in the “sports” category, and Esra Hacioğlu Karakaya’s “What the eye sees, the heart knows” in the “environment-life” category.

Saying that he has been interested in photography for about 10 years, Hüseyin Mehmet said “Walking in the Clouds” by Hilmi Tunahan Karakaya in the “sports” category, “Coal black tears” by Kahraman Bekçili in the “news” category, and also in the “environment-life” category. Ismail KaplanVoted for the photo of “Three buddies”.

Photographer and video artist Ali Haci Ahmet, on the other hand, featured Daria Isaeva’s photo titled “Air stance” in the “sports” category, Ali Jadallah’s photo titled “The oppressed sigh” in the “news” category, and Şebnem Coşkun’s photo in the “environment and life” category. daylight nets” photo.

The photographers congratulated AA photojournalists for their success, stating that they had a hard time deciding between beautiful photos.

Son Dika Current Amateur photographers in Western Thrace participated in AA’s ‘Photos of the Year’ voting – Last Minute

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