Amazon continues to violate the rights of workers!

According to The New York Times, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) judge ruled that the company violated federal labor laws in an attempt to repulse the union movement at that facility and others who voted to join the union.

federal judge Green, Amazon It ruled that its supervisors had threatened to unlawfully deprive workers of wage increases and benefits if they formed a union. The judge also challenged a worker’s digital message board to entitle his co-workers to paid vacation. Amazon Labor Union He also said that he violated the law by removing the posts that invited him to sign his petition.

Amazon continues to violate the rights of workers!

However, some other complaints made by the union were dismissed. These, Amazon’a It includes accusations that he said his wages would fall if unionized and promised improvements in the education support program if workers voted against the union. The union also uses Amazon as a way for workers to form a union but union dues protested the claim that he said they would be fired if they did not pay. However, the judge found the complaints exaggerated and dismissed it, deciding that what was done was not illegal.

Amazon announced that it welcomed the decision. Spokesperson Mary Kate Paradis In a statement to the NYT, “Your judge “We are pleased that he has denied 19 of the allegations in this case, almost all of them,” he said. “Truths It continues to show that our teams are working hard to do the right thing.”

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