Amazon is closing eight cashierless Go stores

E-commerce The giant made the announcement the day it admitted to halting construction of its second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, as it reassesses its office needs as more and more people choose to work remotely. As Bloomberg points out, these are Amazon’s latest cost-cutting moves amid slowing sales growth. In January, the company cuts planned layoffs at more than 10,000. increased to 18,000 people and since then layoffs have mostly affected staff in the retail and hiring departments.

company spokesperson Jessica Martin, In a statement to publications, he said: “Like any physical retailer, we periodically evaluate our store portfolio and make optimization decisions along the way. We will stick to the Amazon Go format and have more than 20 stores worldwide. Amazon Go store We operate.”

Amazon is closing eight cashierless Go stores

Amazon’a Go stores, It was designed to be high-tech stores equipped with cameras and sensors that can detect when products are taken back and forth on the shelves. Customers can add any item they want to be added to their virtual cart for online payment. can buy the product and then leave the store without having to stop by the cashier.

Amazon still has more than 20 in the country Go store However, it has long struggled to conquer the physical retail space and frequently changes its strategies. Formerly across the USA 87 retail There were pop-up kiosks, but the company shut them down before the pandemic hit. And by 2022 Amazon will have 68 physical bookstores in the US and UK, of pop-up shops and closed all of its ‘4-star’ stores. But just this February, CEO Andy Jassy said the company plans to expand into its real-location grocery business.

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