Amazon seriously exaggerated the layoffs

In November, there were reports that the e-commerce giant laid off 10,000 jobs, just as other companies in the tech industry announced their layoffs. Now, the company is expanding those layoffs. Along with those who have already lost their jobs and those who will lose their jobs in the near future. Amazon It will have eliminated more than 18,000 roles in the company.

Jassy said most of the upcoming layoffs will be from the retail and hiring divisions. As The Wall Street Journal notes, Amazon In the last few years, people have taken advantage of the COVID restrictions a lot as people have to shop online more often than before. The company recruited hundreds of thousands of employees during this period to keep up with the increase in demand, but then launched cost-cutting reviews to see which units were not making a profit. Later It froze hiring and closed some of its stores and business units.

Amazon seriously exaggerated the layoffs

When news broke that Amazon was planning massive layoffs, Meta also announced that it had laid off more than 11,000 employees. Like Amazon’s executives, Meta head Mark Zuckerberg had significantly increased Meta’s investments after a massive revenue increase due to the pandemic. However, people’s spending habits eventually shifted to pre-pandemic trends. is back and that meant less revenue for the company.

Amazon, Once the transactions are complete, it will have laid off more workers from Meta. Jassi, of the company to affected employees from January 18 will reach, The layoffs are likely to occur in the coming weeks, he said. He added that Amazon will offer packages that include “separation pay, temporary health insurance and external job placement support” to the laid-offs.

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