Amazon’s drone deliveries aren’t doing so well!

If a new report Amazon’a shows that its drones made only a few deliveries in the first few weeks of their operation.

After nearly a decade of working on the program, Amazon launched in December in Lockeford, California and College Station, He said he would start making drone deliveries in Texas. However, by mid-January, but with as few as seven home drones, according to The Information. Amazon packages received: two in California and five in Texas.

The report is Amazon’s Federal Aviation Administration He claims that the drones are blocked from flying over roads or people unless the company gets permission, as the case may be. Amazon, While it has touted its FAA certification, the agency has imposed a number of restrictions that have not been disclosed so far. It has largely rejected Amazon’s requests to relax restrictions.

Amazon’s drone deliveries aren’t doing so well!

According to the report of the FAA One of the plans he agreed to is that Amazon employees are using drones. Lockeford before leaving the delivery facility, he checked that there were no cars passing by on the surrounding roads. This warehouse is on an industrial block and the drones need to fly over at least one road before reaching any home.

Amazon’a drones, Wing’s Besides the Walmart’s much heavier than those operated by its partners Flytrex and Zipline. While they average 10-40kg, Amazon’s drone weighs around 80kg and can carry a payload of only five kilograms. The report suggests that the drone’s mass may cause concern among FAA officials. Ajans, Wing, Flytrex and allows Zipline to fly over the highway, which Wing has so far The 300,000th made more deliveries.

Another thing that doesn’t help Amazon’s expectations is, drone People who want to receive deliveries need a backyard where packages can be left: therefore residents cannot apply for the service. Drone It can only carry a certain size box, and since it delivers packages by throwing it less than 4 meters, the types of products it can carry are also limited.

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