An emotional letter from Western Thrace to earthquake victims

West Thraceto be sent to the earthquake zone from EdirneThe letter that came out of the aid parcel brought to Turkey was emotional.

Kahramanmaras The aid campaigns started after the centered earthquakes continue.

In addition to the aid brought by citizens in Edirne, aid from Western Thrace and Europe is also available. Edirne Governorate in coordination Architect Sinan Sport It is sorted and packed in the living room.

The expressions in the letter written for the earthquake victims in an aid parcel from Western Thrace moved the officials.

The letter written by Kadir Kadiroğlu from Western Thrace included the following sentences:

“I can’t control my tears as I write these lines. I don’t know how to repay you. AllahMay my soul not cause any more pain, amen. I would love to be by your side today and help, but I am not in a good situation. That’s why I’m sending you this package. I would like to thank you if I was able to warm and feed one of my brothers and sisters today as much as I could. I wish a speedy recovery to the injured and mercy to the deceased. I am a Western Thrace Turk and I am proud to be a Turk. By Allah’s leave, we know unity and solidarity very well in days like these.”

On the other hand, since the first day of the aid campaign, there are notes that give morale to the earthquake victims inside the parcels or in the pockets of their clothes.

“Your pain is our pain, GermanyWe are with you financially and morally. God help you” and “Goodbye get dressed, we love you very much Turkey“” written notes are also sent to the earthquake zone in boxes.

“Children put toys and sweets in their coat pockets”

Elif Düzel, one of the help point staff at Mimar Sinan Sports Hall, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they have been working hard since the first day of the earthquake.

Stating that the citizens continue to bring aid, Düzel said, “Adults and children come with unused items, baby food, toys for children, and even the workers working in the earthquake zone, very nice work clothes.” said.

Stating that Turkey was one heart in the earthquake process, Düzel said:

“We prepare the incoming aid and send it to the earthquake zone. There are notes in the aid. The children put toys and sweets in the pockets of the coats they sent. All of them come out of the coats, we get very emotional, we get goosebumps. Sometimes we cry when we see these. We thank everyone very much, there are very thoughtful people. “

Son Dika Current An emotional letter from Western Thrace to earthquake victims – Last Minute

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