Android 14’s “what a feature!” The new feature that made him say and stole from Apple has emerged!

The second developer preview of 14, which Google plans to offer in the coming years, comes with an unexpected feature. Let’s take a closer look at the bride details of the “stolen” feature, which you can turn on or off in your phone’s settings, depending on your preference.

Google goes from Apple to “profit what we pluck” scheme

There are some functional features. When you look logically, some features that make you say that there is no reason are unfortunately not available on . One of them, and the one that I don’t understand why, is the necessity of pressing the “OK” button after entering the PIN password.

This feature, which has been available on devices and custom ROMs for a long time, is now part of stock . On , your PIN has to be 6 digits and if you want to set a longer one, you need to set a new one.

If you’ve used for a long time, check that the minimum length required for a PIN code 4 digits you know it is. You can also use a longer PIN number, but if you want to enable automatic confirmation of the correct PIN, your PIN must be at least 6 hundred have to be.

The feature that makes you give up on Android 14, which will be the successor of Android 13!

While confirming the PIN without having to press the home button poses a security risk, you can partially work around this by creating a longer PIN. This feature will be available to users with the newly introduced 14. In addition to the auto-confirmed PIN code, 14 Developer Preview 2 brings another great feature. You can now use emojis to make wallpaper. (I think we saw it in )

You can use any emoji you want or create a unique one to create any wallpaper or even multiple emojis. This is also available on , but Google On the other hand, this feature lacks color and 3D designs as it prevents the wallpaper from looking flat.

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