Another exaggerated project from Saudi Arabia!

based in Riyadh of the Arab News newspaper According to the news of the Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin SalmanAs if there weren’t enough massive construction projects in Saudi Arabia already, Saudi Arabia announced plans to build a massive center called New Murabba in the country’s capital. The center will be approximately one-third the size of Manhattan, with an area of ​​11.2 square kilometers.

Its height will be 400 meters!

The biggest feature of this construction, which is said to be the world’s largest modern city center, is in the middle of it. Muqaab The fact that it will be a hollow, cube-designed skyscraper called height of skyscraper 400 metre will be. The gigantic structure, which will also have a tower in the middle, will compete with the world’s largest skyscrapers.

Muqaabof itself 35.2 square kilometers It is planned to provide a job site, which outshines all buildings on Earth. Everything from touristic places to hotels, from residential areas to commercial areas is planned to be gathered inside the building.

The designers thought that a digital world would also be established inside the skyscraper, thus giving the building a complete exposure to the users. It says it will give you the experience. As seen in the promotional video, employees can be at the bottom of the sea if they want. AvatarThey will be able to work in the mountains of In other words, this building looks like a giant virtual reality planetarium.

To be completed in 2030

It is also stated that the building will be in a sustainable structure and will not harm the environment. It has been announced that the skyscraper will be completed in 2030, but this construction time seems extremely short for a structure of this size.

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