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In the Thracian cuisine, the fruits are mostly used as jams, marmalades or fruit juices. In the Balkan villages of Kırklareli, we see that it is considered as a fruit pulp, although not very much. Fruits such as plums, apricots and/or apricots and grapes are commonly used for pestil. You can apply the general recipe for apricot pulp to others. You can also use apricots with apricots if you wish.

Materials :

  • 2 measures of apricot and/or cherries
  • 1 measure of sugar
  • walnut kernel

Preparation of :

  • Remove the apricot kernels.
  • Let it boil in a deep saucepan with the addition of a little water to cover it until it becomes soft.
  • When your apricots become soft and can be crushed, take them aside with a colander and drain for a while.

Not : You can extract this filtered bottom juice of apricots for a while with the addition of sugar, boil it for a while, bottle it as fruit juice and use it for winter.

  • Strain your apricots through a large-mesh colander.
  • Pass the pulp you have obtained through a colander with one size of small pores.
  • Put the apricot pulp under the colander back into the pot, add sugar at the appropriate rate to your taste, and boil it for a few moments until you get the consistency of marmalade.

Not : In this form, you can bottle it as marmalade and consume it in winter.

Apricot Paste with Walnuts
  • Lay a clean cloth with high moisture absorbing feature in a tray large enough to be used according to the amount of your marmalade.
  • Take care to pull the edges of the cloth you laid out towards the outside of the tray.
  • Spread your plum marmalade on your cloth-lined tray as thick as a finger.
  • Crack the walnuts you have extracted into the size you desire and sprinkle them on different parts of your plum jelly.
  • Let your plum jelly dry in a shade and airy place.
  • Turn it inside out by laying a new cloth on the cloth on which your plum jelly is laid, and change this process regularly every day.
  • Depending on the airiness of the room, when your jelly loses its moisture and can be grasped by hand like paper, cut it into small portioned slices with the help of a knife.
  • Keep airing on a clean cloth cover by turning it upside down several times a day.
  • When you are satisfied that it is dry enough, roll it up and fold it like paper if you wish and bring it to storable sizes.
  • You can store it in a suitable container or jar in a cool and shaded environment.


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