(ARCHIVE) İsmet İnönü passed away 49 years ago today.

Republic of Turkey‘s first prime minister, second president, soldier and statesman Ismet InonuIt has been 49 years since his death.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent, Gazi Mustafa Kemal AtatürkMustafa İsmet, the close comrade of ‘s and the commander of the İnönü wars, 24 September 1884 İzmirHe was born in

his father MalatyaReşit Bey, a member of the Kürüm family from Bitlis, who settled in BulgariaIt was Cevriye Hanım from the Deliorman region of Turkey.

Inonu, Sivas After graduating from the Military High School, he entered the Artillery War. He graduated from the Military Academy in 1903 and from the Military Academy in 1906 with the first rank. İnönü, later as a staff captain EdirneHe was assigned to the Second Army in .

İnönü, who worked for a short time in the Committee of Union and Progress in 1907, joined the Movement Army in Yeşilköy, which gathered to suppress the March 31 event. Under the command of Ahmet İzzet Pasha Yemenİsmet İnönü, who was in the staff of the Fourth Corps sent to Turkey, was promoted to major in 1912 and became the Chief of Staff of the Yemen Forces Command. İsmet İnönü, who undertook his first diplomatic mission here and made peace by meeting with Imam Yahya, was in Çatalca during the Balkan War.

First The world War years and meeting with Atatürk

İsmet İnönü, who served as the Operations Branch Manager at the Commander-in-Chief Headquarters during the First World War, was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel in 1914. The following year, İnönü was promoted to the rank of colonel and was appointed as the Chief of Staff of the Second Army in Thrace. Syria He commanded the Fourth, Twentieth and Third Corps in the fronts.

During this period, he worked with Mustafa Kemal Pasha, the Commander of the Second Army, and a deep friendship arose between them, and he received a high and meaningful record from him. in 1916 İstanbulHe married Ms. Mevhibe in , but had to return to the front immediately. He came back to Istanbul during the Armistice of Mudros and became the Undersecretary of the Ministry of War in 1918 and served in the Military Council. During these years, he continued to meet with Mustafa Kemal Pasha.

sentenced to death

Colonel İsmet Bey, in January 1920 AnkaraHe went to and returned for a short time. On March 19, 1920, upon the call of Mustafa Kemal, he secretly went back to Ankara and undertook important duties in the National Struggle.

Edirne Deputy He was elected and participated in the works and succeeded in establishing a regular army as the Chief of the General Staff. İnönü was sentenced to death by the Istanbul Government in June 1920.

İsmet İnönü, who was appointed to the Command of the Western Front on May 4, 1921, won the First and Second İnönü wars. He was promoted to general and started to be known as İsmet Pasha. Sakarya and the Commander-in-Chief was effective in the field battles.

After the victory, İnönü, who carried out the ceasefire negotiations in Mudanya, became the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Lausanne Chief Delegate on October 3, 1922, and signed the Lausanne Peace Treaty on July 24, 1923.

İnönü, who established the first Republican government on October 30, 1923, left the prime ministry in November 1924. İnönü was later reinstated to the same post due to the Sheikh Said rebellion.

When the surname law was passed, Atatürk gave himself the surname “İnönü”.

İsmet İnönü left the government in September 1937, after 15 years as prime minister.

Second President elected

After Atatürk’s death, on 11 November 1938, he was unanimously elected as the Second President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. İnönü, who made multi-faceted studies in the field of interstate politics in order not to involve Turkey in the Second World War, ensured the transition to a multi-party democratic life.

İnönü, who has been in politics for 10 years as CHP Chairman and opposition leader, served as the prime minister in three coalitions that took place as a result of the 27 May revolution and the elections, and continued this duty until 6 February 1965.

İnönü, who started the “left of center” movement in the CHP, resigned from the CHP on May 8, 1972, as a result of intra-party struggles, and took office in the Parliament as a senator.

Ismet Inonu, 25 December He died in Ankara in 1973. His funeral was ordered by the government. MausoleumHe was buried in.

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