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CHP Tekirdag Deputy Dr. Ilhami Özcan Aygun stated that the fantasy of agriculture did not leave “peace” in Sudan, and said, “This adventure took place and unfortunately resulted in the exorbitant attendance fee, salary and bonus payments of 419 thousand 965 TL, which were paid unnecessarily. When I asked the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişci, about this issue, he explained that the attendance fee was abolished. Then will you get the old payments back too?” he asked.

Aygun reminded that while there were empty lands in Turkey, the AKP government, which entered into an agricultural adventure in Sudan, could not get any results, but that the company paid decent salaries to the board of directors of the inactive company. Pointing out that according to the TİGEM Report of the Court of Accounts, 419 thousand 965 TL of attendance fee, salary and bonus was paid to Turkish Sudan International Agriculture and Livestock Inc. in 2021, Aygun said, “There is no rented land, no agriculture, no production. , but large amounts of payments are made to the board of directors of the company established on paper. But our farmers are not getting the support they deserve.”

Aygun, who gave a parliamentary question on this subject, asked whether these honorariums given during the period of Former Minister Bekir Pakdemirli will be terminated and whether agricultural land has been rented in Venezuela.

Minister Vahit Kirişci replied that the practice was terminated and stated that Sudanese and Turkish names have not been paid under the name of attendance fees, salaries, bonuses and premiums at present. Noting that there is no rented and agricultural land in Venezuela, Kirişci answered that it is aimed to increase the production of cereals, oilseed plants and legumes that are in short supply in Turkey, to reduce fallow lands and to reclaim the idle lands.

Evaluating this answer, Aygun said, “You could not do agriculture in Sudan, but you paid the undeserved attendance fees to the Board of Directors you appointed. Folks, you paid decent salaries to torpedo cadres while you were starving. These people will not give you justice. Take back the money paid and give it to the farmer”.

Aygun; Demanding that production be made in the fertile lands of Anatolia and that the idle lands be brought into agriculture, he warned that “Devote yourself to your homeland, there is no meal that comes from your hand, you will not get enough of it.”

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