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CHP Tekirdag Deputy Dr. İlhami Özcan Aygun asked both the Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer and the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca whether the earthquake resistance performance test of schools and hospitals in Tekirdağ was carried out. Aygun stated that, according to the findings of the Chamber of Geological Engineers, the acceleration reaction of 11 public and private hospitals in Tekirdağ is high in case of an earthquake, and said, “The earthquake performance should be measured immediately and those found at risk should be transported.” Stating that earthquake reinforcement of nearly 100 schools in Tekirdağ has been started so far, but it has not been completed yet, Aygun said, “After the Maraş earthquake, 5 more schools were suddenly evacuated. If these schools are also risky, why has it been waited until now?” asked.

Aygun, in two separate motions he submitted to the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, pointed out that Turkey is in an earthquake zone in terms of geology.
zoning amnesties are WRONG
AKP government; Saying that he has failed in the strengthening of the existing building stock against earthquakes and the implementation of the Turkish Building Earthquake Code for new buildings, Aygun said, “The future of the country has also been mortgaged with the zoning amnesties. This understanding, which increases the loss of life and property, has left our country helpless in preparing for an earthquake.

Aygun; He noted that earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.7 in Kahramanmaraş’s Pazarcık District on 6 February 2023, 7.6 in Elbistan, 6.4 in Hatay’s Defne District on 20 February 2023 and 5.8 in Samandağ district on February 20, 2023, reveal that our country is not prepared for an earthquake.

Asking how many schools in Tekirdağ are built in accordance with the Turkish Building Earthquake Code and Building Inspection Implementation Regulation, Aygun asked for answers to the following important issues:
It has been stated that nearly 100 schools will be strengthened against earthquakes since the pandemic period, and very few of them have been strengthened. What is the latest issue on this topic? The decision to evacuate 5 risky schools in Tekirdağ after the Pazarcık and Elbistan earthquakes is a confession of the neglect shown so far. If these 5 schools are risky, why have they been kept open and the safety of our children’s lives at risk?

Are Tekirdağ Provincial Directorate of National Education and District Directorates earthquake resistant?

Soil investigation is as important as the durability of concrete against earthquakes. Has the location of the schools towards the fault zones been investigated? What will be the status of schools located on or near fault zones?

According to the determinations of the Chamber of Geological Engineers, 11 state hospitals, health centers and private hospitals in Tekirdağ were found to have 0.5g earthquake ground acceleration values. Will you do earthquake performance analyzes of these hospitals?
Are you going to demolish hospitals that are on fault containment band?
Will you take the decision to demolish health facility buildings built on geologically objectionable areas with poor engineering features and move them to safer areas?
Will you conduct comprehensive earthquake performance analyzes of all hospitals?
Will you measure the performance of all public and private hospitals against natural disasters other than earthquakes, and will you take measures to reduce the vulnerability of our country against disasters by periodically sharing them with the public?

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