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CHP Tekirdag Deputy Dr. İlhami Özcan Aygun reacted to the regulation, which was canceled by the Constitutional Court, allowing the operation periods of 18 ports, including Antalya, which is operated by Qataris, as well as Mersin and Tekirdağ ports, which are operated by private companies, to be increased to 49 years without a tender. Aygun said, “We don’t let our ports be given away. We will not mortgage our future,” he said.

The bill, which aims to increase the operating period of the ports to 49 years without tender despite the Constitutional Court, continues to be discussed in the Parliamentary Industry, Trade, Information and Technology Commission. In the offer; The operating period of the port in Tekirdağ, which belongs to the Turkish Maritime Enterprises, is being extended until 2067.

Aygun emphasized that the government, which does not comply with the decisions of the Constitutional Court, turns a deaf ear to the judiciary, pointing to the olive regulation. Reminiscent of the cries of the villagers who came from Akbelen to the Parliament, Aygun said, “You bring it over and over like Temcit rice. It’s happened 9 times. Indians have a saying. ‘After the last fish is gone, the last bird is dead, and the waters are gone, we will all regret it.’ Leave the olive groves! The way of the mind is one. Fortunately, you withdrew the regulation,” he said.

Pointing to the regulation that extends the operating period of Tekirdağ Port, Aygun said, “I have two administrative court decisions. See the state of the beach in Tekirdag. There was a fire in Samsun in the past days, it was the port of Ceyport and the coast was plundered together with its chemical warehouses”.

Reminding that although the execution of the EIA Report for Tekirdağ Port was stopped with the lawsuit filed by the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects with the Tekirdağ Regional Administrative Court, Aygun said, “There is no cumulative calculation for the disposal of solid waste and liquid waste amounts, so there are incomplete works. It has been determined that it was established, that it is not suitable in terms of legislation, and that there are harms to human health on the environment.

Pointing to the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly, Mustafa Şentop, who is the Tekirdağ Deputy, Aygun said, “I also told the President. Why are court decisions not heard?” asked.

Drawing attention to the “right to live in clean air and a clean environment” in the Constitution, Aygun said, “Is money everything, friends? Plunder, plunder, plunder. I am sure that this law will come back from the Constitutional Court again. It is not our duty to mortgage the future of Turkey through ports in 17 provinces.

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