Bad news for miners! The state will take over! The rate has been determined

world’s largest crypto mining Kazakhstan, one of the countries, has implemented a new regulation. Kazakhstan has reverted to its old stance against mining activities to reduce smuggling and illegal trade. Accordingly, in order to obtain tax income in the country, mining income must be 75 percentThe sale has become mandatory.

It starts on April 1, 2023!

President of Kazakhstan November Generous TokayevWith the bill it signed on Feb. 6, it reinstated the country’s view of illegal mining and crypto-asset issuance. According to the legislative change, the issuance of cryptoassets will be subject to government permission. of the arrangement 1 Nisan 2023It is expected to come into effect from

Valid until 1 January 2025

Unsecured crypto assets earned through crypto mining operations are targeted. Accordingly, miners will sell at least 75 percent of their revenues through registered crypto exchanges. If this arrangement From 1 January 2024 to 1 January 2025It will be valid until

Kazakhstan is known to be one of the largest crypto mining countries in the world. Mining licenses in the country are issued for a period of three years. central bank in Kazakhstan digital currency work continues.

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