Bad news from Microsoft: Get ready for tough times!

, which has just announced its policy of giving unlimited paid leave to its employees in the US, will reduce its workforce by approximately 10,000 people. WindowsThe company that owns was one of the few companies that didn’t have major layoffs recently, but that looks set to change soon.

Big slaughter coming from

Sky News announced that will announce the layoffs in a few days. The company’s Global workforce of more than 221,000 people It is expected to reduce approximately 5%, or approximately 10,000, (122,000 US-based full-time employees). This figure is the lowest base for now, and it is predicted that the final figure will be even higher. It has been reported that the dismissals will be carried out in the engineering department.

, It laid off 1,000 jobs in October. company shad laid off earlier in 12 monthshowever, they are much smaller than other tech companies and affect less than 1% of the total workforce.

Bad news from Microsoft: Hard times await people!

Like other companies also increased their hiring during the pandemic to cope with the spike in the number of people working/training from home and needing their products. However, as you can see above, the company seems to start depreciating and naturally layoffs.

Working in tech companies is not a very safe profession right now. Because in the first week of this month, there were more layoffs in the sector than in the whole of December. This includes Amazon’s announcement that it will lay off 18,000 employees. We can say that the past year has not been very good for tech workers. , HP, Meta, Lyft, Snap, Robinhood and many more companies announced that they were reducing their workforce.

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