BALIKESIR – Half of the Havran mandarin production is sold to neighboring countries

Balikesir‘in Raven The harvest of the Satsuma type tangerine, which attracts attention with its taste, seedless and thin peel, continues in the district.

Producers, who produce an average of 400 thousand tons of product annually from approximately 250 thousand tangerine trees in the district, send half of it abroad.

Besides Havran at the harvest Canakkaleof Yenice, Balıkesir Susurluk, Sındırgı, Kepsut ve Ivrindi A large number of workers are working in the districts.

Murat Hançer, Chairman of the Havran Chamber of Vegetables and Fruits Craftsmen, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that tangerine production in the district started with the saplings planted by his grandfathers.

Stating that this harvest period was productive, Hançer said, “We collect it naturally and ensure that it reaches the consumer in an organic way. We offer the fruit, which we call waxing, to our people with its natural color from the branch, without giving it artificial shine.” said.

Hançer stated that tangerines are an important source of income for Havran.

Saying that approximately 200 thousand tons of the product is sold abroad every year, Hançer said:

1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Asos-Troy tunnels, tradesmen reach our district in a shorter time. This ensures that the products reach the consumer in a healthier and fresher environment. 1915 Çanakkale Bridge to the Thrace region, Greeceto and BulgariaWe had the opportunity to send our tangerines to Turkey more easily. When transportation is relieved, Bulgarian traders reach us more easily. This makes a great contribution to both the producer and the economy. Just TurkeyWe have a door to open not only to Turkey but also abroad.”

Hançer stated that large-sized tangerines known as “chocks” were sent to fruit juice factories.

Stating that he has been growing tangerines for about 20 years, Yusuf Atacan said that workers collect 200-300 kilograms of tangerines per person per day. Atacan said, “We send it to the halo from here. We pack it there and send it all over Turkey. We employ about 60 people, we give a daily wage of 250-300 liras. We have a natural and first class tangerine.” he said.

Son Dika Economy BALIKESİR – Half of Havran mandarin production is sold to neighboring countries – Last Minute

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