Balkan Rumeli Turks Confederation is preparing to host young people whose hearts beat for Turkey.

Turkeyone of the strongest non-governmental organizations in Bursa based in Balkan Rumelia Confederation of Turks (BRTK) took a series of decisions at the meeting held in Bursa under the leadership of Chairman Sabri Mutlu.

Balkan Rumeli Turks Confederation is preparing to host young people whose hearts beat for Turkey. BRTK management especially Macedonia and conducts a study focused on social projects carried out in Gagauzia. Bal-Migration Chairman Emin Balkan, Member of the Board of Directors Ayhan IşıkMayor of Buyukkaristiran Ertugrul Camlicaalso attended by the Mayor of Nilüfer Turgay ErdemIn the meeting hosted by , the Balkan Rumelian Turks, especially Bursa, live intensely. İzmir, Eskisehir, İstanbul It was decided to identify 10 pilot families in cooperation with municipalities in cities such as. These families, which will host students from abroad, will support their guests to use and develop their mother tongue Turkish, even for a short time, with an exemplary study, and will convey Turkish customs and traditions and lifestyle. These families, who will introduce their guests to Turkey and the cities they are in, will primarily support the young people who will be hosted in Turkey for two weeks, in terms of Turkish education. In the next leg of the project, students and young people to be selected from Turkey will be sent to the Balkan countries. While BRTK aims to integrate the people of the region and Turkey with its work based on sister schools and municipalities, business people are expected to support the project. The study, which will also be supported by social activities, will also convey Turkish culture and history to the guest students through activities to be organized in different regions of Turkey. Central Anatoliawhich includes associations in AnkaraWith this step, the organization of BRTK throughout the country was further consolidated at the meeting, where the request of the Ankara Balkan Federation, established in , to join the BRTK was also accepted. The Bursa meeting of the Balkan Rumeli Turks Confederation, which ended with the dinner given at the Nilüfer Municipality Social Facilities under the management of Nilüfer Municipality’s former Vice President and Business Manager Naci Kale. Black Sea, MediterrenianMiddle anatolia, EgeThrace and Marmara The presidents and managers participating from the federation president and managers in the region are:

Mükremin Duygun – Deputy Chairman, Sami Omar – Secretary General, Zürfetdin Hacıoğlu – Deputy Chairman for Foreign Turks, Hüseyin Kocaman – Deputy Chairman for Organizations, Naci Kıral – Deputy Chairman for Cultural Affairs, Erol Ulu – Deputy Chairman for Media, Selcuk Kurtsatar – Vice President of Projects, Besim Boncuk – Accountant, Ibrahim Yildiz – Deputy Chairman, Erhan Pekkan – Member of the Board of Directors, İbrahim Tarancı – Member of the Board of Directors, Tuncay Ceylan – Member of the Board of Directors, Kadir Kodak – Chairman of the Supervisory Board. – BURSA

Son Dika Local Balkan Rumeli Turks Confederation is preparing to host young people whose hearts beat for Turkey – Last Minute

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