Berat Kandili in Central Anatolia was realized with prayers

Sivas, Nigde, Nevsehir, Yozgat, Kirikkale ve Kirsehiraccepted as the herald of the month of Ramadan, in mosques in Berat Candle so the programs were organized.

The historical Ulu in Sivas CamiAfter the Quran, Mevlid-i Sharif and hymns read by religious officials in Kahramanmaras A prayer was prayed for those who lost their lives in the earthquakes.

At the end of the oil lamp program, donuts and mevlit candy were distributed to the congregation.


in Nigde Berat Candle Therefore, programs were organized in mosques.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet During the program in the mosque, the Quran was read, the Provincial Mufti Osman Ayas prayed.

Nigde Municipality After the program, he offered refreshments to the congregation.


The program was held in all mosques in Nevşehir due to Berat Kandili.

In the program at Musalla Mosque, after the recitation of the Holy Quran, mawlids and hymns were read.

Urgup After the prayer of the mufti İsmail Karadavut, the night prayer was performed.

Various refreshments were given to the citizens at the exit of the mosque.


In the Berat Kandili program held at Capanoğlu Great Mosque in Yozgat, the Quran was read and prayers were made.

after prayer Yozgat Municipality and non-governmental organizations distributed oil lamps to the citizens.


In the Berat Kandili program held in Kırıkkale Nur Mosque and Complex, the Qur’an was read and prayed.

Provincial Mufti Hasan Hayri After the sermon given by Yaşar, the night prayer was performed.

After the prayer, refreshments were served to the congregation.


Hodja in Kirsehir Ahmet YeseviCacabey sees Ahi Evran Berat Kandili program was held in Veli mosques.

The program, which was held at Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Mosque, started with the recitation of the Holy Quran.

After the mawlid and hymns were read, preacher Fatih Bülbül talked about the meaning and importance of Berat Kandili and what should be done in the three months and Ramadan.

In the program, prayers were read for those who lost their lives and martyrs in the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake.

Son Dika Current Berat Kandili was realized with prayers in Central Anatolia – Last Minute

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